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…was broken 65 years ago today by Chuck Yeager.
Today, Felix Baumgartner is attempting to do the same thing, only without a plane.
It is going on live as I write this. Currently at 40,000 feet.

Chuck Yeager Broke The Speed Of Sound In A Rocket Plane 65 Years Ago Today

Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the speed of the sound in a rocket plane on Oct. 14, 1947.

Exactly 65 years later, Felix Baumgartner will try to become the first skydiver to break the speed of sound.

When asked how he felt about blasting through the sound barrier on the same day as the U.S. Air Force Captain, Baumgartner responded on the Red Bull Stratos blog:

In 65 years, it goes to show there are still challenges to overcome and you should never lose sight of trying to achieve them. I would be proud to be a part of that group of explorers.

Yeager flew 662 miles per hour to break the speed of sound at 40,000 feet (the speed of sound varies with temperature).

Baumgartner will jump from an altitude of 120,000 feet hoping to break the speed of sound when he pushes past 690 mph. That should happen within about 40 seconds of the jump.

…coming in the near future?
If Obama loses the election, will the Democrats riot?
Will it be blacks rioting in the streets of the inner cities?
Are you ready, just in case?
I am.

Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?
Michael Snyder

Will the most divisive campaign in modern American history culminate in massive riots in our major cities?  Right now, supporters of Barack Obama and supporters of Mitt Romney are both pinning all of their hopes on a victory on November 6th.  The race for the presidency is extremely tight, and obviously the side that loses is going to be extremely disappointed when the election results are finalized.  But could this actually lead to violence?  Could we actually see rioting in communities all over America?  Well, the conditions are certainly ripe for it.

A whole host of surveys over the past few years have shown that Americans are very angry and very frustrated right now.  In fact, a Pew Research Center poll from late last year found that 86 percent of all Americans are either angry or frustrated with the federal government.  We have seen this frustration manifest in protest movements such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, but right now things are fairly calm as liberals and conservatives both look forward to November 6th.  Many Republicans started the countdown to the next election literally the day after John McCain lost back in 2008.



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