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This is a good quote:

And it is a sad statement on America that millions will believe him. When you buy a false dream, it’s not possible to return it — all sales are final. A multitude of people bought the Barack Obama myth and now they are stuck with it. Because to admit how small he really is and the degree of his spectacular failure as president is to admit their own failure — and what’s the point of having a delusion if you own up to being deluded? No… reality must be changed to support the illusion.

Here’s where it comes from:

The Obamage Is Done
By William L. Gensert

The most damaging decisions we make in life are often a function of the lies we tell ourselves. For Barack Obama, I imagine those include “I am important — I can do this job — I am better than anyone else — I am special, more than special, I am a great man and everyone loves me.”

When Barack Obama walked off that stage in Denver last week, he believed he had won the debate. Why wouldn’t he? Just showing up has always been enough in the past. Remember, this is a man who became successful without having actually ever succeeded.

Apart from campaigning, Obama hasn’t really ever done anything. Yet, his delusion of victory should surprise no one, since he also believes he is a great president doing a sensational job.

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