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…it’s Thursday which means it’s time for a little booty call!

Communist, or Islamist?
The dots connect in a bad way.

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During conversation on another post, Dr Jeff came up with one of the absolute simplest answers to our entire Ovomit problem. This is an absolute, IMHO, spot on answer. As such it must be shared to ensure you don’t miss it.

Any final questions? He is not a Socialist or a Marxist. Those were both fronts he put up to fool the Liberals.

He is an Islamist. Arguably the only group on the planet equally or more dangerous to our way of life than the Communists.

Fast recap of Obama’s history:

Small child Barry Soetero is registered in Indonesia as a Moslem. He attends a Catholic school, yet studies the Koran. Why? Because Indonesian law says that you can’t teach a Moslem about Catholicism, you must teach him Islam. The Imams get him during his most formative years. (Note: The Jesuits have a saying: Give us a child until he…

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…here’s today’s reading list.

…the dust.
Another solar company that received a loan guarantee from the Obama Administration and went bankrupt is now the focus of a criminal investigation.
Chicago politics much?

If these companies were oil and gas, or coal companies, you’d never hear the end of it with the MSM. But since it makes Odouchnozzle look bad, their pretty much silent.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

Solyndra, the sequel? Bankrupt solar firm, DOE facing scrutiny over panel problems

House Republicans are pressing the Obama administration for more information about a solar-panel company that received a $400 million loan guarantee, then went bankrupt and is now the focus of a criminal investigation.

The committee pursuing documents on Colorado-based Abound Solar is the same that investigated the half-billion taxpayer loan to Solyndra, whose bankruptcy rocked the Obama administration. Two more Department of Energy-backed companies have since filed for bankruptcy, with Abound Solar being the latest.

Lawmakers are now questioning whether the administration might have known about serious problems with the company’s solar panels before it was guaranteed the loan in December 2010 under the stimulus program.

“Abound is the third company that has received a DOE loan to go bankrupt,” the House Committee on Energy and Commerce told Energy Secretary Steven Chu in a letter Wednesday. “The committee seeks to better understand what DOE knew about problems with Abound’s solar panels prior to finalizing its $400 million loan guarantee.”