873,000 more Americans employed in September? Sure, if you count part-timers

Posted: 5 Oct 2012 in Axis of Idiots, Buyers' Remorse, Comarade Obama, Democrats, Elections have Consequences, Failure, Government, Lies, Media, Media Bias, Obama, Politics, SCOAMF

The left is spinning this like it’s good news. Counting part-timers is ridiculous.
That and let’s not mention the people that have completely dropped off the radar by not looking for work anymore.
The labor department is obviously in the tank for Obama.

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Even a drop to 7.8 is an insane amount of unemployment. I myself am now in that particular position, and I’m trying to fix it ASAP!

    • 1IDVET says:

      Sorry to hear that CM.
      My brother was laid off at the end of August.
      He was called back up to the Guard, but that didn’t start until this month.
      Hard times.
      That 7.8% is completely fabricated.
      The numbers don’t add up.