Gas on the Rise…

Posted: 4 Oct 2012 in WTF Files
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…in California.

Just what I need. Higher gas prices. This shit is out of control.

Refinery problems send California gas prices skyrocketing

By Gary Richards

When Errol Emrich drove by a Shell station in his San Jose neighborhood last weekend, regular gas was selling for $4.05 a gallon.

On Monday, it was $4.15. On Tuesday, $4.25. And this weekend? Analysts say it could reach a whopping $4.40.

Problems at California refineries have slashed supplies across the state, cutting fuel production and raising wholesale prices — the price stations pay for their gasoline — by as much as 73 cents, to levels not seen since 2007.

And that almost certainly will boost prices at the pump again soon.

“California gasoline prices may surge in the next five days, perhaps to levels higher than February’s $4.33-a-gallon average,” said Patrick DeHaan, an analyst with “It is within the realm of possibility that average prices reach near $4.40 or even higher if the situation worsens.”

Bloomberg News reported that Exxon Mobil’s 150,000-barrel-a-day Torrance refinery lost power Monday and may suffer production problems for another week.


  1. If Obama gets re-elected, $4.00/gallon gas will be remembered as “the good ol’ days”…

  2. With this guy in office, if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.

    • 1IDVET says:

      I’m all out of tears.
      It’s time for a change that puts America back in the driver’s seat.
      I’m tired of sitting in the back of the world’s bus wondering where in the hell we’re going; and why all the left turns?

  3. Well, you can tell from my gravatar where I think we need to be turning, and soon.

    Romney wasn’t my first (or second, or third) option for President. But, he showed me a lot last night and the difference between him and Obama is more stark than night and day.

    This is as close to life and death as we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes, and that statement is absent even the hint of hyperbole.

    • 1IDVET says:

      I’m the same way. He wasn’t my first, or second choice either. But, He’s a damn sight better than Obama ever will be.
      And I agree with your avatar. Just turn right.