…occupying the White House.

The most untrustworthy president in the history of the United States. That is a distinction that normal people would shun.
It’s high time the MSM faces facts and calls it likes they sees it. (I know it’s bad grammar).

Romney needs to come straight out and say it. Mr. Obama, you’re a liar and the media is abetting you sociopathic tendencies.

Is Barack Obama a Compulsive Liar?
By Steve McCann

Barack Obama has lied about the terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Libya for over 15 days, even going so far as to overtly imply that this attack was prompted by an obscure internet movie trailer in his speech at the United Nations two weeks after it was confirmed the White House knew it was an Al Qaeda sponsored attack. Additionally, during the current campaign the lies and obfuscations about Mitt Romney and the Republicans have been so fast and furious that it is nearly impossible to keep up with them.

The administration’s reaction to what went on in Libya is not a surprise, as reliance on prevarications and the attendant dishonesty is part and parcel of Obama’s normal behavior. There rarely has been a speech or an off the cuff comment since he entered the national stage that does not contain some deliberate or insinuated falsehood. This tendency is exemplified in his recent interview with Univision wherein Obama lied about why he never introduced immigration reform and when the ill-fated Fast and Furious program was raised, he began blaming the Republicans and George Bush respectively.

There is now a near universal mistrust of Obama among world leaders as well as many members of Congress who candidly admit they cannot deal with Barack Obama, as he has proven himself to be untrustworthy and unbelievable — particularly as he refuses to accept any responsibility for the outcome of his actions and policies. The diminished status of the United States around the globe and the greatly eroded standard of living for the vast majority of Americans are testament to these character flaws.


  1. golfgo says:

    Buyer’s Remorse…No Racist Delusion!

    I feel like I’m the only American STILL in reality and realized that Mitt Romney only won ROUND 1..let me repeat ROUND 1 of the political, but almost every Obama-hating racist, bigoted, extremist dumbass thinks Romney won the entire debate or, god forbid, the election. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Nice try using a LATE youtube video, you ignorant homophobe. Won’t even bother to look at the comments and realized people will STILL will vote for Obama, and I will too to make sure America DOESN’T go back to the hand of racist, bigots, homophobes, extremists who rely of fear-mongering lies to scare America into making it WHITE only.

    I don’t know WHERE in your hateful delued minds you think a majority of Americans will vote for a party whose done NOTHING for the past four years except insult their very intelligence. Calling them stupid for exercising the right to vote for the black man you hate. What is wrong with you racist righties?

    Is Barack Obama a homosexual?
    he is married with 2 children

    Is Barack Obama a Marxist?
    no, racist

    Is Barack Obama an enemy to America?
    well, he got rid of bin laden… so no

    Is Barack Obama a ursuper?

    Is Barack Obama a fraud?

    Is Barack Obama a communist?

    Does Barack Obama hate America?

    Is Barack Obama worst than Carter?

    Is Barack Obama destroying America?
    thats why unemplyments going down… huh???

    Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

    Is Barack Obama an evil man?
    No he is not!

    Ever heard that retarded saying “SCOAMF” Can’t tell you what it means, look it up. I said people if they are tired of hearing this crap. Turns out they aren’t, because they never heard. One a certain group of people never head the disrespectful trope. Classy, Respectful, Intelligent People. Ob’s such a Miserable Failure he grad Harvard Law and passed his bars and practiced law and beat the “war hero,” John McCain & Simple Sarah. Got Bin Laden. The white supremacists of the GOP Base reek of envy and desperation.

    you say that Obama did nothing for us?
    Who was our last President? Bush? Well, he did so much damage to us and Obama can’t just fix it in four years. Don’t just say, “Well, he was president during 9/11” Who cares, he started more Crap for us. Obama wants to do “things”, but the Republican won’t allow it. The Republican secretly all agree to disagree with Obama. And Mitt Romney, he lies. He says one thing, and another. If America give him another chance, he’ll be able to fix things up. If Romney becomes President, well, who knows what this world will turn into.

    • 1IDVET says:

      That’s the most delusional load of shit I’ve ever read.
      I won’t bother debunking every bit of that shit you just wrote, it’s obvious that you’re a moron, or mentally retarded. Probably both.