…another great toon from DBD

  1. Ah yes, a picture is worth a thousand lies.

    Care to provide a link to the supposed “Apology”? OR are you talking about the statement put out by the embassy in Cairo , not by Obama, several hourse BEFORE the protests, and then the tweet as the protests were going on “We Condemn Religious Incitement” with a link to the statement?

    And “snubbed” netanhayu? As I blogged on here: http://goo.gl/MGnQq . Netanhayu, who has lost the support of his own party and military on his plan to attack Iran, and who is blustering to get the US to carry out the attack for him? I guess we should let Israel dictate US foreign and military policy?

    • 1IDVET says:

      Your nick name says it all.
      Go back to doing drugs and pretending everything Obama does is spot on.
      The constant apologies that he’s thrown out there should be easy enough to find. Just Google it. I’m not doing the work for you.

  2. Oh please.

    Provide the link to the “apology” you are talkig of here or STFU.

    And don’t go making assumptions based on my user name. Yes- I experiemented with drugs in my youth. But for more then 15 years I hardly use any drug, other the caffeine and nicotine. I use cannabis on rare occasions to manage chronic pain/nerve issues rather then the hardcore opoid drugs I am prescribed. And I am a strong supporter of the current (insanely sucessful) research using MDMA to treat PTSD in veterans, and the attempts to use cannabis for the same.

    I am not a particular fan of Obama- but I don’t tolerate lies and misrepresententations of anyone.