This time it’s the ATF. They can now seize guns without due process making it so that the defendant must prove their innocence, rather than the government having to prove guilt.

Step by step, inch by inch. The government keeps taking away our rights. More and more Americans think this shit is the norm and nothing is done about it.

It’s time to push back.

First, get rid of Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

Second, get rid of the RINOs in Congress.

Third institute term limits for Congress.

Fourth, force Congress to be subject to the laws they pass on us. That would stop a  lot of the BS they pass as legislation right there.

Fifth, enforce our borders, language and culture. Make English the official language. No official government paperwork in any other language. That would save millions alone.

Obama has expanded civil-forfeiture rules making it permissible for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to seize weapons from citizens without the hassle of due process.

This effectively gives Attorney General Eric Holder, of Fast and Furious fame, extended power over guns and gun-related property.

The rules were broadened under the guise of giving the ATF authority “to seize and administatively forfeit property involved in controlled substance abuses.” And if that doesn’t strike you as extreme on first glance, consider the fact that this expansion of civil-forfeiture allows the ATF to forego almost all “due process” in making their seizures — in effect, placing the burden of proof on the citizen instead of federal agents.


  1. william wallace says:

    You don’t have any rights left / you can now be imprisoned without a trial
    no legal representation / simply left to rot in a prison cell having no rights.

    It a matter of time before criticism of BARACK / seen as a act of terrorism
    at present BARACK claims the right to murder any individual he believing
    he can classify as enemy (according to BARACK such act not murder but now called (lawful murder) one can now put the word awful in front of any crime such crime then becomes a none crime (lawful rape) (lawful torture)
    such situations arise when individuals blinded by the gain of wealth power.

    The aim of democracy t’was people’s abilty via elections in removing those
    whom abused their position of office / through corruption politicians having
    stripped people’s of all rights now it’s ever harder remove them from office
    democracy reverts to a dictatorship / ones freedom then no longer existing.

    • 1IDVET says:

      I agree.
      We’ve lost so many rights and so few people are paying attention to it.
      One day we will be living in a country that we no longer recognize.