…of morons.
These idiots seem to find the term “Leatherneck” offensive.
So they’re protesting outside of Camp Pendleton.

I’d be highly disappointed in the Jarheads if they fold on this issue. Service rivalry aside, that’s what the bloody hell they’ve been called since I can remember. 

This was done in 1951:

Repeat after me: “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

PETA: Marine Corps Terminology, ‘Leatherneck’ Term Promotes Animal Abuse

Camp Pendleton, CA – A peaceful protest outside the main gate of Camp Pendleton has erupted into violence today as Marines and activists continue to spar over military terminology.

The protestors, from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been holding a protest near the base for over a week against the use of the terms “Leatherneck” and “Wooly-Pully.”

PETA spokesman have deemed the terms offensive and say they “promote animal abuse.”

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  1. Deucalion says:

    Cant we just start shooting these retards now?