70% of Americans…

Posted: 5 Sep 2012 in Economics, Free Market, Government, Politics

…prefer the free market over the government when it comes to managing the economy.

So why doesn’t the message resonate with the voters?

The Republicans use the left’s terminology.
  The simple word “capitalism” which means free market is scorned by the masses. Well, 37% of the people polled on that word look at it unfavorably. Thanks Karl Marx, you douche bag.

Change the word to free market and you win. Simple.

Anyway, here’s the poll that was conducted in January:

70% Prefer Free Market to Government-Managed Economy

Americans still put a lot more faith in the private sector than in government when it comes to making the economy work.

Seventy percent (70%) of American Adults think a free market economy is better than one managed by the government. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 15% believe a government-managed economy is better. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided.



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