…to help Obama. If you think the media isn’t in the tank for Obama, you’re an idiot, or a liberal, but I repeat myself.
Now the lame stream media has started using the “fact check” label to get their bias out there. There’s only one problem with that, they’re lying. They don’t get the facts right, then say whatever the hell they want to in order for Obama to look good.
It sure would be nice if the LSM actually did the job they were supposed to do. But, until they are freed from liberals, it will be all bullshit all the time.
I need to get a pair of bullshit protectors for my eyes and ears.
Something like this maybe?

The Media’s ‘Fact Check’ Smokescreen

Journalism: If media “fact checkers” are just impartial guardians of the truth, how come they got their own facts wrong about Paul Ryan’s speech, and did so in a way that helped President Obama’s re-election effort?

Case in point was the rush of “fact check” stories claiming Ryan misled when he talked about a shuttered auto plant in his home state.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler posted a piece — “Ryan misleads on GM plant closing in hometown” — saying Ryan “appeared to suggest” that Obama was responsible for the closure of a GM plant in Janesville, Wis.

“That’s not true,” Kessler said. “The plant was closed in December 2008, before Obama was sworn in.”

What’s not true are Kessler’s “facts.” Ryan didn’t suggest Obama was responsible for shuttering the plant. Instead, he correctly noted that Obama promised during the campaign that the troubled plant “will be here for another hundred years” if his policies were enacted.

Also, the plant didn’t close in December 2008. It was still producing cars until April 2009.


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