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One Hole…

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This is funny. Twisted. But, funny.

If the word vagina hurts your feelings, I suggest you not watch it. I have only one feeling, so shit like this doesn’t bother me, obviously.

Kiwis Send Off…

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…three of their own.
Their ceremony for sending off their war dead is quite fitting.
You can feel the emotion in the ritual.

This was also the first ceremony with a female soldier from New Zealand that was KIA.

Maori Farewell for Three Kiwi Troops

On 19 August an IED strike took the lives of three New Zealand troops in Afghanistan.  Lost were Corporal Luke Tamatea, 31, Private Richard Harris, 21, and Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, 26, medic.

Jacinda was the first New Zealand female killed in Afghanistan.  The strike occurred in Bamiyan Province which has become increasingly dangerous.  Two Kiwi troops were killed there earlier this month.  In the past, Bamiyan has been touted as a vacation spot during the war, with regular flights into the region.

The New Zealand Defence Force released the following video of hundreds of troops performing a Maori funeral Haka at the Burnham Military Camp near Christchurch:


Here’s today’s reading list.

… in Florida.
Looks like Gramps was armed and ready for action. Good for him.

Customer shoots robber dead
By Andrew Greenstein


Instead of saving money at a Northside dollar store, a 57-year-old grandfather ends up saving the day.

The man was doing some late-night shopping at the Dollar General store on Dunn Avenue when all of the sudden, two men stormed in and tried robbing it.

Unfortunately for one of them, the man happens to have a concealed weapons permit, and Lt. Rob Schoonover with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says the man wasted no time springing into action.