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…a video that needs to go viral.

…would be good for Wall Street and good for you too.

Dodd-Frank is hope and change at its finest, let’s hope that Romney wins in November so that America can prosper again.

Yes, Romney-Ryan would help Wall Street — and Main Street, too

Romney/Ryan would be good for Wall Street, sure. But we shouldn’t ignore how good a Romney/Ryan administration would be for Main Street too. Let’s consider the anti-prosperity effects of one of the President’s major legislative achievements, the Dodd-Frank banking bill.

Dodd-Frank was supposed to clean up Wall Street and prevent a recurrence of the Great Recession, in part by curtailing the “too big to fail” phenomena and completely overhauling the federal regulations that govern financial institutions. It was billed by the President as enacting “the strongest consumer financial protections in history.”

How’d that work out? Not that well, actually. It turns out, predictably, that the big banks are most capable of adapting to the new regulatory burdens of Dodd-Frank, while the smaller banks are getting squashed by compliance costs. The result is that the existing “too big to fail” banks are getting a lot bigger, and the smaller banks are struggling to survive.


It’s hump day! Half way there.
Here’s your hump day hottie, Hanai Miri.



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…in youth vote that hits 40%.
That’s great news. At least there are some young people that are paying attention to their furture. Obama is a dire threat to that future, and they can see the writing on the wall apparently.

A Romney first: over 40% of youth vote back him

For the first time since he began running for president, Republican Mitt Romney has the support of over 40 percent of America’s youth vote, a troubling sign for President Obama who built his 2008 victory with the overwhelming support of younger, idealistic voters.

Pollster John Zogby of JZ Analytics told Secrets Tuesday that Romney received 41 percent in his weekend poll of 1,117 likely voters, for the first time crossing the 40 percent mark. What’s more, he said that Romney is the only Republican of those who competed in the primaries to score so high among 18-29 year olds.

“This is the first time I am seeing Romney’s numbers this high among 18-29 year olds,” said Zogby. “This could be trouble for Obama who needs every young voter he can get.”


…flies over New Jersey on its first flight.

I think we probably could have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on something a little more practical, but the technology is cool, and it will provide a long term solution to keeping an eye on the bad guys.

Army’s Giant Spy Blimp Soars Over Jersey Shore in First Flight
By David Axe

On Tuesday, not far from the beaches of New Jersey, was a sight hundreds of millions of dollars and years of development in the making: the Army’s football-field-size robot spy blimp took to the air for the first time at a military base in Lakehurst. The 90-minute flight of the Long-Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV), manufactured by U.K. firm Hybrid Air Vehicles and U.S. aerospace giant Northrop Grumman and allegedly captured in the video above, is only the beginning of a months-long test program; the lighter-than-air ship won’t head to a warzone until next year at the earliest. But it’s still important news. For years, the Pentagon has tried and failed to get next-generation airships off the ground. No longer.

“The first flight primary objective was to perform a safe launch and recovery with a secondary objective to verify the flight control system operation,” Army spokesman John Cummings said in a statement. “Additional first flight objectives included airworthiness testing and demonstration, and system level performance verification.”