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…it worked. Over at Ace of Spade, that’s disputed, a little.

It Worked?

The RNC’s new ad ripping Obama’s claim that “our plan” worked appears below the fold.

The MFM is in full-on defense to try and keep this latest case of foot-in-mouth disease from blowing up like “the private sector is doing just fine” and “you didn’t build that” by claiming … wait for it … that he was taken out of context.

See, “our” refers to the Obama/Clinton plan. Whatever that is.


It’s Friday! Thank God it’s Friday!


Here’s today’s reading list.


…during Q2; unexpectedly, I’m sure.

When growth is 2%, or less, then the unemployment rate pretty much stagnates. So much for that summer recovery.

Let’s not forget, the 8.2% unemployment rate is also a bullshit number. The government stops counting those that have been unemployed so long that they just stopped looking for work. Taking in to account the discouraged adults and people working part time for lack of full time opportunities, the unemployment rate is about 14.5 percent. Just in case you were wondering, the unemployment rate for blacks is 16%. Nice hope and change that the boy wonder has pulled off, eh?

US economic growth slowed to 1.5 pct. rate in Q2

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of just 1.5 percent from April through June, as Americans cut back sharply on spending. The slowdown in growth adds to worries that the economy could be stalling three years after the recession ended.

The Commerce Department also said Friday that the economy grew a little better than previously thought in the January-March quarter. It raised its estimate to a 2 percent rate, up from 1.9 percent.

Growth at or below 2 percent isn’t enough to lower the unemployment rate, which was 8.2 percent last month. And most economists don’t expect growth to pick up much in the second half of the year. Europe’s financial crisis and a looming budget crisis in the U.S. are expected to slow business investment further.


…into the Cyber Security Bill that is in the Senate right now.

These assholes want to limit high capacity magazines and only allow 10 round magazines. This will NOT stop any violence that some deranged asshole might do to others, it’s just the same feel good bullshit that the Democrats are famous for. It’s illogical, but it really, really makes them feel good to CONTROL the masses. It’s always about the CONTROL. If the Democrats can’t CONTROL you and the rest of America, then they just don’t feel good about America.

Ever heard of creeping incrementalism?

Write your Senator, especially if they’re a Democrat douche bag and tell them to fuck off when it comes to gun CONTROL of any kind. They do NOT have a mandate for this.

In fact, all these assholes that vote for this need to hear it from you by being fired in the next election, even if it’s your asshole, which is the point of this. Only you can fire the asshole that supposedly represents you. Unless you live in Kalifornia. That’s a lost cause.

Democratic senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that would limit the purchase of high capacity gun magazines for some consumers.

Shortly after the Cybersecurity Act gained Senate approval to proceed to filing proposed amendments and a vote next week, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a sponsor of the gun control amendment, came to the floor to defend the idea of implementing some “reasonable” gun control measures.

The amendment was sponsored by Democratic Sens. Frank Lautenberg (N.J.), Barbara Boxer (Calif.), Jack Reed (R.I.), Bob Menendez (N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), Schumer and Dianne Feinstein (Calif.). S.A. 2575 would make it illegal to transfer or possess large capacity feeding devices such as gun magazines, belts, feed stripes and drums of more than 10 rounds of ammunition with the exception of .22 caliber rim fire ammunition.


…is 400% larger than Bush’s during his first three years in office. In other words, Obama costs a lot more than most people realize. Not only do these intrusive regulations cost small businesses money, but it makes them not hire because there is too much uncertainty coming from this Administration and it’s policies.

In other words, the government is the problem when it comes to hiring.

Obama’s Regulatory Burden 400% Greater than Bush’s
by Kevin Craig

In his State of the Union Address earlier this year, President Obama claimed that his Administration has created fewer regulations than his predecessors.

But a new report issued by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee shows that Obama’s regulations have been more intrusive and have imposed far greater economic costs on businesses and job creators.

In total, The Heritage Foundation has calculated that the Obama administration adopted 106 major regulations in its first three years. That’s nearly four times the 28 major regulations adopted in the first three years of the Bush administration. Those regulations came at a cost of $8.1 billion, compared to the $46 billion imposed under Obama by the same point in his presidency.