…is really what has been happening to the world, for the last 2000 years. Not global warming.

Funny how science always finds a way to contradict the global warming nutters out there, yet they cling to their religion anyway.  Funny shit that

Too bad the funny doesn’t last long since these nutters have cost America billions of dollars in loans to green companies that have proven to be an absolute waste of tax payer monies, as well as their charade of climate change initiatives that have no affect on the climate what so ever.  The only thing certain about the climate change morons and their agenda is that it will cost us more billions in taxes and other indirect costs before we are rid of their stupidity.

Tree-rings prove climate was WARMER in Roman and Medieval times than it is now – and world has been cooling for 2,000 years

Tree ring study gives first accurate climate reading back to 138BC
World has been slowly cooling for 2,000 years
World was warmer in Roman and Medieval times than it is now
Study of semi-fossilised trees in Finland

By Rob Waugh

Rings in fossilised pine trees have proven that the world was much warmer than previously thought – and the earth has been slowly COOLING for 2,000 years.

Measurements stretching back to 138BC prove that the Earth is slowly cooling due to changes in the distance between the Earth and the sun.

The finding may force scientists to rethink current theories of the impact of global warming.

It is the first time that researchers have been able to accurately measure trends in global temperature over the last two millennia.

Over that time, the world has been getting cooler – and previous estimates, used as the basis for current climate science, are wrong.

Their findings demonstrate that this trend involves a cooling of -0.3°C per millennium due to gradual changes to the position of the sun and an increase in the distance between the Earth and the sun.

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