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It’s Friday!
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Take your pick, either way, your mask has fallen off. Might want to redo the string that holds it in place.

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This quote is from Glenn Reynolds in its entirety:

IT’S AS IF ALL THAT HUMAN-RIGHTS CONCERN WAS JUST PARTISAN HACKERY:  Liberals ignore Obama’s Guantanamos: The same people who excoriated Bush’s war on terror are letting Obama do as he pleases.

Let me be clear: All you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush, but who aren’t screaming just as loud now — which is pretty much all of you people who were playing the have-you-no-decency card under Bush — were and are miserable lying hacks. And I thank Obama for making that perfectly clear, at least.

Need more Muslims in Congress my ass.
Especially when they espouse crap that is the antithesis of the Constitution and its principles.

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Muslim Congressman Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)  should be voted out of office by all non-Muslims in his district.

Published on Jul 5, 2012 by ReligionOfConquest

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the Muslim Congressman says American Schools should use Koran as their ‘Foundation’ (6:30) and Muslims should “Groom” America’s future leaders and presidents. And Allah won’t let you stop Muslims!

Here is some more unsettling things that was said……

7:30 “American must understand that she needs muslims. There are over 7 million muslims in this country.”

8:07 “I say to those who are here under cover … Allah will not allow you to stop us.”

9 “There are only two muslims in Congress and we want more; and we have to have more.”

12:45 “Our very lifestyle, the way we live, the way that is prescribed for us in the Koran is a form of Dawah if we live it…

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Looks like ObummerCare is going to have to be repealed in order to prevent the government from controlling our lives more than they already do.

Rules Committee to Hold ‘Emergency’ Meeting Monday on Health Care Repeal

By Michael Catalini

The House Rules Committee will convene in an expedited meeting on Monday to consider a measure to repeal President Obama’s signature health care reform law, according to a statement from the panel’s spokesman.

Under committee rules, Monday’s business is considered an “emergency” meeting because a  hard copy of the introduced measure must be available to members of the panel at least 24 hours before a meeting.


This is why you don’t shoot a firearm into the air. What goes up, must come down. Just because you don’t think the trajectory will hit anything, doesn’t mean you’re right.
The idiot that did this gives gun owners a bad name.
I’ll bet it was some drunk moron that thought it was a good idea.

The name of the place is ironic.

Man watching fireworks struck by falling bullet

Safety Harbor, Florida — A man watching Fourth of July fireworks was injured when he was struck by a falling bullet.

Pinellas deputies say Richard John Smeraldo was watching fireworks with his wife and friends near the shoreline at the Safety Harbor Marina when something struck him in the face.

Smeraldo at first thought he was struck by a rock, until a friend found the bullet on the blanket next to her.