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It’s his own words, so don’t get all bitchy on me if you’re a libtard.

All that debt. Unpatriotic…

It’s actually the latest ad from the RNC:

How’s that hopey changey shit working out for you? Not so good I suspect.

Here’s what that bail out of GM did for you.

Government Motors: As GM shares near record low, taxpayer loss on bailout rises to $35 billion


To quote Lando Calrissian, this deal’s getting worse all the time.

General Motors(GM) shares fell to a fresh 2012 closing low of 19.57 on Monday. The stock hit 19 in mid-December, the lowest since the auto giant came public at $33 in November 2010 following its June 2009 bankruptcy.

Normally you might say, tough luck investors. But this is Government Motors. The Treasury still owns 26.5% of GM, or 500 million shares. Taxpayers are still out $26.4 billion in direct aid. Shares would have to hit $53 for the government to break even.

Those shares were worth about $9.8 billion as of Monday. That would leave taxpayers with a loss of $16.6 billion.

But that’s not the full tally. Obama let GM keep $45 billion in past losses to offset future profits. Those are usually wiped out or slashed, along with debts, in bankruptcy. But the administration essentially gifted $45 billion in write-offs (book value $18 billion) to GM. So when GM earned a $7.6 billion profit in 2011 (more on that below), it paid no taxes.

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I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show. I’m certain it had an affect on me growing up.

Rest in peace Andy.

Andy Griffith
Dead at 86

Dead at 86Andy Griffith, an icon of TV, has died … this according to Andy’s close friend, former UNC President Bill Friday.

Griffith, who became famous for “The Andy Griffith Show,” passed away at his home in Manteo, North Carolina this morning.

Friday broke the news to WITN News in North Carolina.

In addition to starring in his show and the subsequent “Mayberry R.F.D.,” Griffith was a Grammy award-winning southern gospel singer. Of course, Griffith also starred in the long-running series, “Matlock” and often made guest appearances in other shows, including “Dawson’s Creek.”

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