A Day at the Beach…

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 in Babes, Eye Candy
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I was able to head down to Torrance this past weekend and stayed from Friday – Sunday. I really needed the break. I got away from my everyday issues for a little while. One needs to do that every now and again. Hence the lack of posts that weekend.

Saturday I planned on hitting the beach with my sole intention for the weekend to ride a few waves on my boogie board. Come hell and hopefully high water, I would be hitting the waves. I didn’t care what the water temperature was going to be, I was riding some waves.

So, on the way down to Huntington Beach my step-brother called me, he’s in Long Beach and tells me to drop by. His timing was almost perfect, I had just passed the exit, so I had to turn around to get back to him.

After a few minutes catching up on shit, he decided that he wanted to go with me and lay out. Which was fine with me, I was going to ride waves, I didn’t care.

I haven’t been to the beach in a while. Since last year as I can recall, so this was important to me in that regard as well. But mostly just to clear my head.

On the way we picked up a couple Mike’s Hard Lemonade (40s) and put them into some old McDonald’s cups to hide our drinking from the beach Nazis. This was a good thing because the HBPD showed up and made some poor sap dump all his booze out on the beach. He was only two groups over from us. The HBPD at least cut him some slack and didn’t write a ticket. They ignored us.

I took some pics while I was sitting there.

Here’s some inspiration while I was working my way into hitting the water.

She was fun to watch.

I did some other watching while I was at it. Who wouldn’t?
Here are a few of the choice morsels around me.

I really enjoyed the scenery.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good day.

I ended the day over at a bar with my brother. I linked up with him after the beach.

He was already drunk when I caught up with him. That’s usually not good for pickin’ up the babes. They aren’t too fond of drunk assholes, me included in that.

So, my tip to you young knuckleheads out there, if you are looking to hook up with a babe, don’t get drunk, it won’t happen.

Don’t let your idiot buddy get drunk either, he’s a third wheel then.

Just a little buzz will do ya!

I did dance all night and had fun. Looking at boobs and butt on the dance floor isn’t too bad of a consolation prize. I do pretty good for an old dude. I’m like a magnet. 🙂

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