I, like many people that aren’t liberal morons, have grown ever so tired of the racist slur tossed in our general direction any time Obama does something that we disagree with. I have never seen a conservative website start a conversation, or discuss anything about the president in terms of his skin color being an issue.

If you look around at all the MSM and their minions in the blogosphere, then you’ll quickly see that it is they that are the racists.

Not only do they announce to everyone that the President is black, but that’s all that he seems to be qualified for. And he’s only getting that one half right.

In fact, they have so over used that word that it has lost all of its effectiveness.

The Race Card — a Losing Hand

Posted on June 18, 2012 by // Hillbuzz

Enough already. You leftists have dined out on the race card way past it’s “sell by” date. You are all patting yourselves on the back because you feel that by electing a black man president, you have righted wrongs done by our ancestors more than 100 years ago. Well, you can wear the mantle of guilt for something you had no part in, but I won’t. I never owned a slave. My ancestors never owned slaves. We can all agree that slavery was an abomination, but we fought a war in which hundreds of thousands of WHITE AMERICANS (along with thousands of BLACK AMERICANS) gave their lives; the Civil War put an end to slavery in the United States. You claim that anyone who dissents from or disagrees with President Obama is a RAAAACCISSST, but before you hurl the epithet of RAAAACCISSST, I pose the following scenario to you:


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