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And another What.The.Fuck.Over?

Yeah, what he said!

WTF, over?

By The Armorer

bubbas at Homeland Defense up to these days? Well, they bought a boatload of ammunition (driving up prices for all of us, dangit. It’s hard to compete with the government when they can just print the money they need). Well, it turns out once you buy all that ammo, you need something to shoot it out of. 7000 somethings. So, they’ve asked vendors to submit bids for “Personal Defense Weapons,” PDW for short. PDWs are simply the latest way of saying “carbine” but the marketers liked it because it sounds so modern, whereas, well, Custer’s troops had carbines. Eurocops have had these for some time, as they were developed for that purpose.

Here at the Castle, we have demo’d a PDW, the FN PS90, in it’s legal-for-civilians form with 16″ barrel.

via Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah’s Military Guys.. – WTF, over?.

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This is travesty. A nation that treats it’s Soldiers in this manner doesn’t deserve to be a nation. There are a couple things wrong with this in regards to the Constitution alone, never mind simple common sense.

First there’s the issue of the Second Amendment. It is constantly being violated by the District of Columbia, in that they do everything in their illegal power to confiscate, or prevent gun ownership. And I thought California was bad.

Then there’s the issue of the Fourth Amendment. Yeah, the one that states: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The MPD violated this one straight up.

If it were me they did this to, they’d put my name over the MPD HQ when I was done with them.

This is a series of articles on this by Emily Miller, here’s the first:

MILLER: Iraq vet brutalized over guns in D.C.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) seems to have it out for our military. The department is using the city’s pointless firearm registration mandate to harass, arrest and jail servicemen.

Army 1st Sergeant Matthew Corrigan was woken in the middle of the night, forced out of his home, arrested, had his home ransacked, had his guns seized and was thrown in jail — where he was lost in the prison system for two weeks — all because the District refuses to recognize the meaning of the Second Amendment. This week, the city dropped all charges against Sgt. Corrigan, but the damage done to this reservist cannot be so easily erased.

This story will describe how Sgt. Corrigan went from sleeping at home at night to arrested. Subsequent installments of the series will cover the home raid without a warrant, the long-term imprisonment and the coverup by MPD.


There’s a link to the next one in the series. There are three at the moment.

MILLER: SWAT rampage destroys Iraq vet’s home over guns

MILLER: Iraq vet jailed two weeks for guns

This is funny.

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