Not so well.
Green energy is a load of bullshit.
Well, I guess that really isn’t green energy is it?

The loons on the left that think green energy is the way to go fail to realize that wind and solar power doesn’t create the energy needed to support modern life. In other words, your fucking IPad isn’t going to run on wind power. Neither are the farms of servers that you are trying to gain access through to your favorite porn site.
You need energy that is reliable, cheap, and can be used at the flip of a switch. Wind and solar need acres of area to produce anything viable, and even that is a fraction of what the consumers would need.

Read on.

Green Welfare, Green Taxes, Green Poverty

By Peter Ferrara

The road to hell is paved with Obama’s Green intentions.

What would you do if gangs of robbers roamed your neighborhood at night, breaking into your neighbors’ houses and stealing their family jewels and life savings? You would arm yourself, and your family members of sufficient age, to defend your property. Or you would move to a safer neighborhood.

But if the robbers formed gangs called Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, or the Natural Resources Defense Fund, and assaulted your standard of living, the Che Guevara Democrats expect you to greet them with open arms, and gleefully turn over bushels of your cash, until your life savings is gone, and your standard of living has been reduced to the level of Argentina.

That third world destination is where Obama’s “green energy” economic strategy is taking America, all while he tells us sweet fairy tales about how this path is the road to 21st century prosperity.


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