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This comes from the CATO Institute and is a real eye opener. You keep hearing teachers and teacher’s unions crying for more money because “it’s for the children,” but have you taken a look at the numbers of teachers hired vs. student enrollment vs. cost over time from 1970 to today?

You’ll be sick.

Obama vs. Romney on Public School Jobs

Posted by Andrew J. Coulson

In a high-profile presser on the economy last Friday, President Obama’s central proposal was to hire more public employees. Then, in his weekly address, he argued that hiring more public school teachers would allow the U.S. to educate its way to prosperity. His Republican presidential rival, Governor Romney, has recommended precisely the opposite: reducing the size of government to boost private sector job growth–and he, too, mentions public school teachers. So… who’s right?

First, let’s look at public school employment and student enrollment over time.

Read more: Obama’s Stock Answer: ‘More Government’

This comes from the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the Congressional BLACK Caucus. Talk about a bunch of racist assholes! I’ve never seen a more clear cut case of racist douche bags than the CBC.

It’s no wonder that race relations in this country have taken a nose dive straight down the shitter. Black President, black appointees in the highest offices, and all you hear is race this, and race that.

The racist assholes on the left have been exposed over, and over, yet the fucktards in the media keep giving these racist fuckers a pass at every turn.

CBC: Zimmerman acquittal could spark race riots

Race riots could ensue if George Zimmerman — the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case — is found not guilty of second-degree murder by a Florida jury, the Congressional Black Caucus’ executive director allowed yesterday.

“I think a ‘not guilty’ verdict is extremely problematic in 2012,” said Angela Rye, the Executive Director and General Counsel for the Congressional Black Caucus. She said, “I don’t know,” when asked what would happen in the event of an acquittal. “I know that folks have talked about race riots — I don’t know that. I think that we live in a day and age where people are educated enough not to do that. I know that his mother and his father have asked for peace, peaceful solutions, not repaying evil for evil, so I’m not sure. I think it would set us back . . . there’s no value to racial violence or any other kind of violence.”

via CBC: Zimmerman acquittal could spark race riots | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.

25 years ago today we had Ronaldus Maximus Reagan give a momentous speech.

This was back in my hay days in the Army stationed in Gelnhausen at the time with the 3rd Armored Division.

This one hitting Obama on the “fine” comment in regards to the private sector. Man, Romney just has to keep using the Stuttering Clusterfuck Of a Miserable Failure’s own words and dismal record in his ads.

Welcome to the club.

Who the hell likes Washington? They are a bunch of self serving assholes that are out to screw the American people at every chance they get.

Remember to vote! Fire these assholes. Even your asshole that you think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. That idiot is part of the problem too. Fire them all!

Joan Rivers: ‘I hate Washington’

By PATRICK GAVIN | 6/11/12 3:23 PM EDT

Jon Lovitz earned rare media attention in April when he criticized President Barack Obama for wanting to increase taxes on the richest Americans. Now, Joan Rivers is seconding her fellow comedian.

In an interview with POLITICO, Rivers said, “I’m also being chastised because I work 18 hours a day and make a living. I feel that I’m part of the 2 percent and I’m really not interested in a woman who has 95 children and has 95 husbands. I think the Chinese have it right: You each have one children, two children and you take care of them.”

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L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup!

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 in Politics
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I watched this game last night. What a game! The Kings absolutely crushed the Devils.

Kings win the Stanley Cup with a 6-1 victory in Game 6 

Los Angeles scores three times in the first period and turns back New Jersey’s attempts to rally, giving the franchise its first NHL championship.

The Kings have won the franchise’s first Stanley Cup championship with a 6-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils in Game 6 on Monday night at Staples Center.

Captain Dustin Brown had a goal and two assists, Jeff Carter scored twice and goaltender Jonathan Quick was once again stellar.

New Jersey pulls goaltender Martin Brodeur from the net with less than four minutes remaining in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.