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Just because I feel like it, here’s some bonus eye candy for the weekend!

Today’s Rock Fest is coming to you from Pink Floyd.

I’ll pick up the pace next week.
Here’s Comfortably Numb. This is a live version. Pretty good.

Nothing new about rants. He does some of the best. This is a good one re: Der Fubar and Heinrich Holder and Fast and Furious.

Oh Give It Up Already, Ace

Posted by Emperor Misha I

Actually, we don’t mean that. We need to continue to pound on this relentlessly because if we DO “give it up already”, we’re only giving a green light to politicians continuing to do what they do, which is making a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

But we DO get tired of the bullshit from time to time, such as the genocidal Fast and Furious program hatched and approved by Der Fubar and his favorite SS officer, Heinrich Holder, and the futile attempts of all of us to get Congress in general and Darrell Issa in particular to do something beyond just fucking TALKING about an obviously criminal program that led to the deaths of at least two American law enforcement officers and an unknown hundreds of innocent civilian Mexicans.

We mean, seriously? You’ve been babbling about this for how long now, exactly? Where’s the fucking bacon? Or should we just meekly accept that as long as you worthless overpaid, underworked parasites are talking about it, “justice is being done?”

via Oh Give It Up Already, Ace | Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.