Free Speech Blogburst: Show Solidarity for Targeted Conservative Bloggers…

Posted: 23 May 2012 in Axis of Idiots, Democrats, Failure, Lies, Media, Media Bias, Politics, Terrorism
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Just adding my voice to the chorus. I stand in solidarity with my fellow bloggers. Yeah, I’m a small fry, but I know this will spread.

Stop this guy and his supporters in their tracks!

Stand with us, stand with The Other McCain and others! I stand for free speech!

Free speech blogburst: Show solidarity for targeted conservative bloggers

By Michelle Malkin

Over the past eight years that I’ve been blogging and operating Internet media companies, I’ve witnessed or experienced firsthand some of the most unhinged behavior against conservatives — from individual harassment and intimidation, to e-mail bombs and e-mail hackings, to troll infestations, distributed denial of service attacks, coordinated spam block attacks, and death threats.

Over the past twenty years that I’ve worked in daily opinion journalism, written books, and traveled across the country speaking in every type of venue, I’ve always believed that the most effective response to attempted censorship of conservatives is more speech, not less.

More. Louder. Bolder.

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