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Stupid is as stupid does. That’s pretty much what sums up California.

This place is turning into a shit hole. This is directly attributable to the Democrats that have done everything in their power to tax the shit out of everything and wonder why the hell all the businesses are leaving the state, only to increase taxes again, and again, in their belief that somehow, things will change for the better if we keep going down this path. Fucking morons.

I’ve got to get the hell out of this state.

California Dreamin’: A Nightmare of Collapse

By Jim Mahoney

There was a time when the California dream conjured visions of sun, endless summers, hot love, cool breezes, and muscle cars. The California economy, once the world’s 7th largest, supported these dreams — carrying us into the future on its brawny young shoulders. Innovation in aviation, computers, and countless other industries, compounded by the creative forces of free people innovating daily in a manufacturing economy, spurred the growth that produced the greatest bounty for more people than any other place on the planet.

Today many of those industries are long gone. Today’s California dream is more likely to take the form of a waddling, overweight, bureaucrat devising new schemes to hang on to her lavish lifestyle and cushy retirement. The California economy today resembles a sick and wounded old elephant carrying an impossible load of ticks and fleas each calculating how much more blood he can extract before it all comes crashing down.

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This shit is so rampant in the media, it should be illegal to call yourself the media with this outright bias.

It’s no wonder Teh Won, took the office in 2008. They’re hoping you’re still blind to their bullshit.

Real AP Headline: “Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?”

The media has two modes of bias:

If something that hurts Obama can be spun in such a way as to negate its impact, they may report it– with the spin, of course.

If something that hurts Obama is impossible to spin, then they ignore it entirely and hope no one hears about it, or that anyone who hears about it takes the press’ silence as meaning the story has been debunked.

For example: The fact that Wright says an Obama crony offered him $150,000 to stop preaching until after the 2008 election. It can’t be spun, so it simply gets embargoed.

The economy is a tricky thing for the press– they can’t ignore it, since it is on everyone’s mind. Which means they’ll have to spin it– even if such spin is sort of absurd.

With that in mind:

Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?

By CHARLES BABINGTON | Associated Press – Sat, May 19, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Are Republican lawmakers deliberately stalling the economic recovery to hurt President Barack Obama’s re-election chances? Some top Democrats say yes, pointing to GOP stances on the debt limit and other issues that they claim are causing unnecessary economic anxiety and retarding growth.

The latest Democratic complaint came after House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that when Congress raises the nation’s borrowing cap in early 2013, he will again insist on big spending cuts to offset the increase. Boehner, R-Ohio, continues to reject higher tax rates, which Democrats demand from the wealthy.

That led Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to say Boehner is virtually assuring another debt-ceiling crisis as bad or worse than the one that shook financial markets nine months ago.

via Real AP Headline: “Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?”.