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This dude is all over it.

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Well, let’s give credit where credit is due! Here’s a list of President Obama’s historic firsts! Enjoy.

President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated]

Yes, he’s historic, alright.

• First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government

• First President to Violate the War Powers Act

First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to issue an unlawful “recess-appointment” while the U.S. Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own Justice Department).

• First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

• First president to intentionally disable credit card security measures in order to allow over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fundraising measures.

• First President to Defy a Federal Judge’s Court Order to Cease Implementing the ‘Health Care Reform’ Law

via Doug Ross @ Journal: President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated].

And another oopsie for Obama. I was wondering when the Democrats in the states that have Constitutional amendments against teh gay marriage would take a step back from his heinous (sic). Guess that didn’t take long. SCOAMF.

Vulnerable Democratic senators balk at Obama’s gay marriage endorsement

By Alexander Bolton

Senate Democrats facing difficult reelections are breaking with President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, a sign the issue is politically dangerous in battleground states.

Sens. Jon Tester (Mont.) and Claire McCaskill (Mo.), the two most vulnerable Democratic senators, have declined to endorse Obama’s call for the legalization of gay marriage.

Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Bob Casey (Pa.) and Bill Nelson (Fla.), Democrats who have easier races but in states that could become more competitive by November, have also backed away from Obama’s stance.

They all represent states with constitutional amendments or laws banning same-sex marriage.

via Vulnerable Democratic senators balk at Obama’s gay marriage endorsement –

Los Angeles Kings…

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I’m not a huge hockey fan, but it is fun to watch sometimes. I caught the Kings win over the St. Louis Blues in the final game of their four game sweep. That was a good game, and I’m glad to see the Kings kicking some ass. They are the only 8th seeded team to beat both the 1st and 2nd seeds in NHL history. Good shit. I hope they hoist the Cup in the end.

Dustin Brown keeps Los Angeles Kings sizzling in 4-2 win over Coyotes

Brown continues his dominating postseason with the winning goal as Kings take opener of the Western Conference finals. The Kings have won six straight games and are 6-0 on the road in the playoffs.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Slowly, but surely, Kings captain Dustin Brown is edging toward the promised land, the place almost no one thought he might reach.

Inching toward awesome.

That means getting called “awesome,” or being described that way by Kings Coach Darryl Sutter, who holds that deep in reserve for his highest level of praise.

The Kings won the opener of the Western Conference finals, beating Phoenix, 4-2, at Arena on Sunday night, giving them six consecutive road playoff wins and leaving them three wins away from a spot in the Stanley Cup finals.

via Dustin Brown keeps Los Angeles Kings sizzling in 4-2 win over Coyotes –

Looks like the SCOAMF pissed off his base! Oops. I always wondered why the hell black folks voted Democrat. The liberal position goes against the black community’s basic Christian principles in so many ways, it’s unfathomable to me. I say the same thing about Catholics and Jews, but I think those groups may be starting to wake up and smell the bullshit.

African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama For Gay Marriage Support

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction– and in some cases– condemnation of the president.

Derek Valcourt explains the president’s comments have folks on both sides of the issue fired up.

Both sides hope the president’s position helps sway votes in their favor when the issue hits Maryland’s ballot this November.

“I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” President Obama said.

When President Obama announced that his position on same-sex marriage had evolved, it outraged some African-American pastors like Pastor and Del. Emmett Burns.

“He has said to his base, African-Americans, ‘I am going against your beliefs and your thoughts’,” Burns said.

He’s so opposed to same-sex marriage, he told church members he will no longer support the president and now predicts Obama will lose the election because of it.

via African-American Church Leaders Condemn Obama For Gay Marriage Support « CBS Baltimore.