It’s offend a feminist week!
Anything I can do to piss off a feminazi is all right with me!

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Offend A Feminist: 08 May 2012 A.D

The Camp Of The Saints

Today is the Fourth Anniversary of these Dispatches, but the official celebration will not begin until a week hence.

As has become the tradition, the gang here at TCOTS celebrates the occasion with our annual Six Days Of Cheesecake, which is loved and admired by all.

The delay in the celebration is necessitated by a desire to avoid a conflict with Stacy McCain’s annual National Offend A Feminist Week, which he has proclaimed for the next seven glorious days [please see here for details] and which I will be fully participating in with that great gusto you’ve come to expect from your Humble Dispatcher.

Next Monday, I will deliver my annual State Of The Camp Of The Saints Address [or, in the case of Rule 5, 'Undress'] and the festivities will officially begin.

For now, I ask you to check-in frequently over at Stacy’s abode where he will…

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  1. bobbelvedere says:

    Thank you for the links and the Follow.

    In accordance with Stacy McCain’s RULE 2…
    I’ve added your site to my version of the blogroll: Congratulations, you are an official Fellow DHS-Certified Right Wing Extremist.