Funny and scary all at once. We’re so screwed if this guy gets reelected.

Carry on Comrades.

This comes from The People’s Cube:

Move Over Einstein, there is a new kid in town


We know that many on the racist right have tried to play up Papa Obama’s deficit spending as having no end in sight. But, through my sources at DNC, I have been given inside knowledge of Papa Obama’s theory on deficit spending. Papa Obama has actually found a universal constant to spending.

Apparently, he has based it on another’s work but not as smart as Papa Obama to see the big picture

E= MC2


E= socialist egalitarianism

M= Gross National Product

C= speed of spending- which is a constant

It is so simple and beautiful

Let us approximate on our current deficit spending to show us how this works

(using 365 days) h/t to RealDealPolitics

via Move Over Einstein, there is a new kid in town.

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