Where’s the outrage against this Administration? Still waiting.

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  Since the Fast and Furious scandal first burst onto the scene Mexico has denied any knowledge of the deadly scandal but one question remained unanswered; why has the Mexican government remained silent on an international scandal which led to the deaths of hundreds of her citizens, a scandal which could be considered an act of war?

  The answer to that question might just be found in Katie Pavlich’s new book on Fast and Furious, from page 111:

 “Just as the Fast and Furious scandal threatened to become a major international incident–and intensely embarrassing to the Obama administration, which had worked to form an alliance with Mexico’s government–the outcry suddenly softened.”

  “On August 15th, 2011: William Burns America’s Deputy Secretary of State, travelled to Mexico to meet with Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, Patricia Espinoza. According to an inside source who spoke to me only on condition of anonymity, Burns gave the Mexican government an ultimatum:…

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