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2012 Posts!

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The big 2012! Finally caught up with the year in number of posts.
Who’d have thunk it.
I’ve gone from a few people to about 200 people that look at my blog on a daily basis, with about 30, or so that are following me.

I give credit for the jump in numbers to a few of my fellow bloggers on WordPress for that. You should know who you are.

At any rate, 2012 posts! Woohoo!

Couldn’t resist this one. Enjoy your weekend.

Real racism more often than not comes from the left. The liberal douche bags constantly scream that the right is racist when it is actually them that are the real racists. It’s pathetic that we have a MSM and Democrat party, but I repeat myself, that espouse racial hatred to advance their failing agenda.

Americans see through their bullshit for the most part, but the hardcore left just can’t see past their own racial biases and project it onto others.

Lloyd Marcus has another good article over at the American Thinker:

Democrats Ignore Real Racism while Exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012

By Lloyd Marcus

I caught a portion of testimony by a Jewish woman who escaped extermination in a Nazi concentration camp. She said that upon their arrival, she was separated from her family and herded with other young women who looked strong enough to work.

The women were ordered to strip naked. Their heads and bodies were shaved. She said that even sisters did not recognize each other afterwards.

Clueless regarding the Nazis’ agenda, the naïve new arrival asked a fellow prisoner who had been there a while, “When do we get to see our families?” The woman replied, “Stupid girl. See the smoke coming out of those stacks over there? That’s where they are burning your family.” The young woman said that petrifying fear overtook her body.

Folks, can you imagine the horror and all-encompassing fear? I cannot imagine being in that woman’s situation, and I pray that I never will. How could human beings treat fellow human beings with such cruelty?

In 1977, Alex Haley’s Roots: The Saga of an American Family hit the airways as a TV miniseries. It was the story of Haley’s family, from Africa to America. Millions of hearts were broken, black and white, watching the scene in which the African boy, Kunta Kinte, was brutally whipped until he accepted his newly assigned America slave name, “Toby.”

Critics feared that airing Roots would cause race riots. A few knuckleheads did act up. Even though Haley was later proven to be a fraud, I believe that Roots at least put a face on slavery and helped people of all races to relate to each other as human beings.

via Articles: Democrats Ignore Real Racism while Exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012.

Time to get out there and do your duty. Yes, duty.

“Duty then is the sublimest word in the English language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more, you should never wish to do less.” – Robert E. Lee

Make the left know you’re on to them and you aren’t going to sit idly by and take their bullshit anymore. We are still the majority, we just have to get out there and prove it. Vote. Even if you don’t like the SOB the GOP puts out there, he is way better than the current occupier in the White House, a.k.a. SCOAMF.

The Tea Party Call to Duty

By Sally Zelikovsky

At the time of America’s founding, the notion of civic duty was commonplace. Our entire system was predicated on the idea that citizens would take an active role in the governance of their towns, states, and country. Little was asked of Americans other than self-governance, jury duty, fighting wars when necessary, protecting the homeland, and living by the rule of law. In time, Americans were additionally “asked” to forfeit a portion of the fruits of their labor to foot the bills the government would incur.

Over the years, we have handed off most of our self-governing and civic duties to others. As the Founders anticipated, we elect town council members and state and federal legislators to “represent” us. But all too often, we leave the voting booth, brush our hands together, and go back to our normal lives thinking we are done…until the next election. In the meantime, we relinquish considerable power and control over our lives to the very people who are supposed to be working for us.

We have so completely shirked our personal and civic responsibilities that we have inadvertently created a class of professional politicians. With the economic and personal stakes being so high for these professional politicians, the legislation they enact is often compromised, and their re-election campaigns are motivated more by what’s good for the incumbent than by what’s good for the People.

via Articles: The Tea Party Call to Duty.