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Excellent essay from Mike.

Stately McDaniel Manor

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial?  Dubbed over scenes of typical urban American streets with automobile assembly line machinery carrying partially assembled Chevy Volts running down their center (a common sight in any American town), an authoritative voice intones:

         For our town;

         For our country;

         For our future;

         This isn’t the car we wanted to build;

         It’s the car America had to build;

         The extended range electric Chevy Volt;

         From the heart of Detroit;

         For the health of the country;

         Chevy runs deep.

Ah yes.  The car we had to build, just not for the reasons the commercial implies, and something is running deep—hip wader deep—but it’s not Chevy.

In my April 21, 2011PJ Media article on the Volt, I noted the intimate relationship between Mr. Obama and the head of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt, then recently appointed Chairman of…

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Mark Levin digs into Obama’s ass for calling a slut. A 30 year old college slut. I think there are more pressing fucking issues.

Stole this from Kickin’ and Screamin’:

All of the above. ‘Nuf said...

Via Hot Air:

All of the above energy. The GOP response

This weekend, the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Doc Hastings (R-WA) provided the weekly Republican address to the nation. The topic, lest we forget about one of the most pressing issues of the day, is the real “all of the above” energy policy America needs. (Significantly different from what Barack Obama is delivering thus far.) Below is the video and transcript of the remarks. Not only should you listen, but we should make sure that both the President and the rest of Congress tunes in.

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