This woman is quite the piece of work. I’ve never liked her. It’s no secret. I think she’s a racist POS and whenever she opens her mouth, I cringe. In my opinion, race relations in this country has been set back on its ass thanks to her and her racist husband and the morons on the left (MSM) that continue to push that shit.

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Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt

Jodi Kantor launched a pre-election, pre-emptive biography about the first couple last week. The New York Times reporter has been covering the human interest side of the Obama family since 2007. Kantor’s earlier articles focused on the president’s love of basketball, Michelle’s family tree, and Barack’s “search for faith.” Now she’s written The Obamas, a sleight-of-hand book that has Michelle getting all of the attention while her husband makes unconstitutional recess appointments. In response to Kantor’s come-on, the first lady did her part, hitting the airwaves to counteract a few behind-the-scene tidbits.Michelle told CBS’ Gayle King that there will always be people who don’t like her and that ever since her husband announced his candidacy in 2007, some see her as an “angry black woman.” Cue the mainstream media. The lapdog press couldn’t get the “angry black woman” story out to the masses fast enough. Once again, the race card proved an effective distraction from the latest surveillance techniques coming out of Big Sis’s Department of Homeland Security.But luckily for anybody still interested, Michelle’s “righteous indignation” created an opening to ask if Juan Williams was right back in 2009. The Fox contributor caught flak for saying that “Michelle Obama has this Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer dress thing going on.” Whether true or not, the symbolism of a woman at war with herself and society was dead-on.

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  1. Questionman says:

    Yesterday was MLK Day. Now that it’d over. Klansman Buffon and the rest of these racist lemmings resort back to attack the first lady with the racist name-calling. If President Obama points out the inequity 1-percent, it is not Racism. You are puffing smoke to conceal the fact that the Republican Party is Racist. All you have to do is look at the ethnic makeup of the Tea Party and the Glen Beck Rally.

    • 1IDVET says:

      You’re not too bright.
      I see racism, it comes from black theology churches, liberals, the media.
      Not once did I see any racism in the Tea Party. That was a lie perpetuated by the MSM, and the idiots on the left to cover up their own racism.
      MLK was a great man. He doesn’t need a holiday to prove that.

      I don’t need the MSM to push all things racist come from the right meme, either. I see way more liberal racists, including black racists on the left.

      Open your eyes, open your mind.

  2. Want to thank all of you, for your Powerfull stand against Oboma & His Corrupted political partners.

    But there is so much more we can do. Being aggressive and focusing on the facts and truth is only the first step.

    We musT follow Up with more details standing by our convictions and dont back down.

    Oboma has NOT brought CHANGE, In fact ~! ~ THE ONLY real THING needing CHANGE !….Was Barack Hussein Obama II.


    Barack Hussein Obama II ( Who hates American Values ) who is A ” SELF PROCLAIMED Enemy” ~of responsible, Morally Conscious HARD WORKING Americans.

    oBOMAS Irresponsible & DRUG MAFIA and reckless supporters KNOW~ that Barack Hussein Obama II, WILL FORCE YOU to paY THEM, out of your PockeT .{ FOR all of their UNCHECKED Vices and THRILLS/

    { All on YOU

    | / At your COST & Sacrifice.\ .

    ..This UN~CHANGABLE fraud, has done His VERY BEST to Inspire VIOLENCE. THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. saying ……To his supporters.Saying “Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your Fellow Americans” – Obama has ALSO DECLARED to his Supporters. “I want all Americans to get in each others faces!– Obama Demands !

    “You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun” –

    THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. ANGER VIOLENCE And more taxes….. THIS IS OBAMAS Change for america /“Hit Back Twice As Hard”. He commands ! *Obama on the private sector: ~~ “We talk To these folks…~ / so I know whose a*$ to KICK.“ OBOMA wants to KICK your a*$ /“

    `Shouting THAT Republican victory would mean ~ “hand to hand combat” and HE IS EXPECTING people to be on Edge and ON BORDERLINE killing MODE, “ VIOLENT / and STAND and STOMP and MOB for their immoral CAUSES and THIS IS WHAT HE LIVES FOR ./


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    Respectfully and Thankfully Thank you ALL for your Time.

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