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Posted: 5 Jan 2012 in Economics, Politics, Quote of the Day, Tax, Truth
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This is from Thomas Sowell. I really like this guy. He’s all over it when it comes to the economy and other issues of the day. Here’s a quote from his Random Thoughts post over at Townhall.

He has more at this post, go enjoy a smart man’s comments…

What do you call it when someone steals someone else’s money secretly? Theft. What do you call it when someone takes someone else’s money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else’s money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice.

via Random Thoughts – Page 1 – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative.

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Our taxes don’t pay for squat. Our deficits are over a trillion dollars because right-wingers don’t want to help pay for the wars, our infrastructure, or any of the government benefits they receive.

    • 1IDVET says:

      Common Ben. That’s pretty weak.
      There is too much spending going on and you know it.
      It’s not that we don’t want to pay for the basic necessities, it’s that we don’t want to pay for crap that we shouldn’t be paying for. Bridges to nowhere, high speed rail to nowhere, etc.

      You know damn well that politicians will put money in the pockets of those they think will vote for them. It happens on both sides of the aisle, no doubt, but I think the Democrats do it through distribution of wealth in a manner that promotes class warfare and a welfare state that is unsustainable.

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        High speed rail to nowhere? In what universe?

      • 1IDVET says:

        How about Vegas to Victorville? Harry Reid’s pet project.
        The one I am referencing is the Central Valley project?
        Try Google broham.

        Our View: ‘Train to nowhere’ takes hit
        January 04, 2012 11:54:38 PM

        The panel charged with advising whether voter-approved bonds should be issued to pay for California’s proposed high-speed rail project recommends the Legislature not authorize the bond sale because it would be “an immense financial risk” to the state. Instead, the panel recommends re-evaluating the project’s goals, routes, financing and phasing.

        The recommendation appears to call into question virtually every aspect of what has been dubbed “the train to nowhere,” and for good reason. We argued to scrap the plan entirely when it was approved by voters in 2008, when it was claimed to cost only $36 billion and to be finished by 2020. Three years later, the price tag grew to $98 billion-plus, and the completion date stretched to 2034. More revisions are entirely reasonable.

        The California High-Speed Rail Peer Review Group’s reason for not issuing bonds to finance an initial 130-mile segment is that building that $6-billion portion in the Central Valley is risky without assured additional federal funding.

        “(W)e cannot overemphasize the fact that moving ahead … without credible sources of adequate funding, without a definitive business model, without a strategy to maximize the independent utility and the value to the state and without the appropriate management resources represents an immense financial risk on the part of the state,” the panel concluded in its report issued Tuesday.

        Others have questioned the legality of building the Central Valley route, which cannot be used for high-speed trains, as the authorizing 2008 ballot measure requires, until it is connected at much greater expense sometime in the future to more populated areas to the north or south.

        Read more: http://www.appeal-democrat.com/articles/bond-112756-speed-project.html#ixzz1igyYAjxW

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        Only conservatives are using the term “train to nowhere.” And they’re trying everything they can do to make it reality by trying to cut funding. We spend $100s of billions on rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan and conservatives don’t have a problem with that, but spend a little money on our own country and they’re outraged.

      • 1IDVET says:

        Wow. That’s reaching even for you.
        So, we waste money on Iraq and Afghanistan and it’s bad.
        We waste money on projects that won’t do anything for the economy and will cost more that they say it will, and cannot be used as “high speed” rail due the restrictions on train speeds through that area and that’s a good thing?
        Dude, this state is $15 billion in debt, the moron governor wants to increase spending and raise the taxes on everyone. How is that supposed to fix things here?
        Sorry, it doesn’t compute.
        This train to nowhere, is really a misnomer, it should be called the train to oblivion.
        This state is so boned, and the liberals just keep piling it on. Way to go.

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        No, construction projects require workers, which means jobs. What part of that don’t you understand?

        High speed rail also means more efficient and comfortable transportation. What part of that don’t you understand?

      • 1IDVET says:

        It’s not efficient when it has to be subsidized.
        What part of that don’t you understand?

        I don’t deny that jobs would be created, but at what cost?
        The jobs created and saved by the economic stimulus law that Obama signed on Feb. 17, 2009 cost at a minimum an average of $228,055 each, according to data released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

        Again, at what cost?
        If it made any sense to make a high speed rail in the first place, then sure, if there were enough people that would use it, maybe.
        But this project, is already projected to cost more than what the knuckleheads in the legislature said it would cost, plus, the rail cannot be “high speed” through that area.
        Total waste of money and doesn’t do squat to help the economy. It just puts the state into deeper debt.

  2. Ben Hoffman says:

    The jobs created and saved by the economic stimulus law that Obama signed on Feb. 17, 2009 cost at a minimum an average of $228,055 each, according to data released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

    No, that’s just simpleminded right-wing spin. You won’t find a non-right-wing propaganda source that comes up with that number.

    Don’t forget that the stimulus was 1/3 tax cuts. Why do you only like tax cuts when they’re legislated by Republicans? Oh, yeah… you just do what you’re told.

    • 1IDVET says:

      Okay, fine. Let’s use the high-end 3.6 million jobs-created figure. That still comes out to $185,000 per job.
      I do see stupidity all around me.
      Obama numbers, not mine, or any other “right wing” source.