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It’s stupid assholes like this that are screwing up this country. The morons on the left all agree with this idiot, I’m sure.


Brain Dead Dem Congressman Thinks Spending is Too Low

By Daniel Horowitz

In case you were wondering why we are doing nothing to slow our inexorable march towards Greek-style insolvency, look no further than those who are vested with the power of the purse string.  Yesterday, Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) suggested that we are not spending enough “to invest in research and development, education and infrastructure that would allow America to compete in this increasingly global economy.”  He proved his assertion by comparing our deficits to….the WWII era!

According to the Office of Management and Budget, America’s deficits were more than twice as large in the 1940s as they are today. In 1943, the deficit was 30 percent of our economy’s size; in 1944, it was 23 percent. Today, it is less than 9 percent. As for publicly held debt, it was significantly larger as a share of our economy in 1944 than it is today.

Hmmm, what do you think was going on during 1943-1944?  Oh yes, that WWII thing.


Little has changed in the way Americans respond to certain words. I think their skewed on the “progressive” word. Here’s the breakdown: 

Group Sample Size Plus or minus …
Total sample 1,521   3.5 percentage points
Republicans 380       6.5 percentage points
Democrats 489          5.5 percentage points
Independents 569     5.0 percentage points

From the Pew Research Center:

Little Change in Public’s Response to ‘Capitalism,’ ‘Socialism’

A Political Rhetoric Test

The recent Occupy Wall Street protests have focused public attention on what organizers see as the excesses of America’s free market system, but perceptions of capitalism – and even of socialism – have changed little since early 2010 despite the recent tumult.

The American public’s take on capitalism remains mixed, with just slightly more saying they have a positive (50%) than a negative (40%) reaction to the term. That’s largely unchanged from a 52% to 37% balance of opinion in April 2010.

This is scary. America is doomed.