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This is an absolute must read. If like me, you think diversity is a whole steaming pile of bullshit heaped upon the masses through political correctness and is now creeping into the Armed Forces, then you have got to read this. Diversity will kill the military as a trusted institution.

The Current Situation

Forty years ago, the American military was held in great contempt by the public it served. The feeling was returned in roughly equal measure. We have since gone from mutual disdain to the point that the military polls as the nation’s most trusted institution. Those who first accomplished the turnaround were the very Vietnam and often WWII or Korean War or both veterans who had been lied about and spit upon. The vehicle that enabled them to make the change is erroneously called The All Volunteer Force AVF. In reality, it’s the “All Recruited Force.”

Those who molded the AVF pursued the single minded goal of improved war fighting capabilities. Those who followed them continued that pursuit…until, most unfortunately, relatively recently. The war fighting goal and most trusted institution status are now in danger of being buried under dual avalanches of operational commitments and political correctness, including the loudly proclaimed virtue of “diversity.”

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I don’t like Gingrich or Romney. Each for their own reasons, but my initial gut feeling was with Rick Perry. I am not alone. Don’t discount him just yet.

Bachman and Paul both espouse the Conservative ideology very well, but they leave something to be desired, not quite sure what to make of it.

When all is said and done, if I have to hold my nose to vote for anyone other than Obama, then that’s what I’ll do.

Ace of Spades has a pretty good explanation of an endorsement for Perry…

For Rick PerryThere are two main sorts of primary voters: Those who know too little, and those who know too much. As for the former — there’s not much I can do about them. They don’t read this site, or probably too much of any political source.

Maybe they read Time. Bless their hearts.

The online community consists mainly of the latter — we know a lot about the candidates, and are each making complicated decisions about trade-offs between electability and agenda and likelihood of advancing that agenda.

My belief is that we know so much that the secondary and tertiary level things we know are crowding out the primary things we know. That is, that we know a bunch of second- and third- order things and knowing so much is crowding out consideration of the top-level, major bullet-point, controlling facts.

I am in favor of Rick Perry because, while I am informed about the second- and third- orders of information, I remain focused on the first order stuff.

via For Rick Perry.