Poll: Little Love for Big Government…

Posted: 13 Dec 2011 in Failure, Government, Neo-Marxists, Socialism, Unions
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Doesn’t really surprise me, but I am glad to see that most Americans see the real problem is government, not businesses.

Unfortunately, I think there are some people that think big labor isn’t a problem. I rank big labor a close second to big government as being the problem that America needs to overcome ASAP.

Americans’ fear of big government – partly fueled by a sharp spike among Democrats since President Barack Obama took office – almost reached a record high this year and is far greater than people’s concerns about big business and big labor, a new Gallup poll Monday shows.An overwhelming 64 percent of people surveyed said big government was the biggest threat to the country, compared to just 26 percent who said big business is their gravest concern and 8 percent who picked big labor.

The all-time high for percentage of people who said big government was the biggest threat to the country was in 1999 and 2000, when 65 percent named it the country’s biggest menace.

Republicans are most wary of the threat of big government than are Democrats or independents – 82 percent of GOPers said big government was the biggest threat to the nation, compared to 64 percent of independents and 48 percent of Democrats who said the same.

via Poll: Little love for big gov – MJ Lee – POLITICO.com.

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