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It looks like Obama has lost the love.

They’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

Obama still has supporters, but theirs is a grim support.

It is that nobody loves Obama. This is amazing because every president has people who love him, who feel deep personal affection or connection, who have a stubborn, even beautiful refusal to let what they know are just criticisms affect their feelings of regard. At the height of Bill Clinton’s troubles there were always people who’d say, “Look, I love the guy.” They’d often be smiling—a wry smile, a shrugging smile. Nobody smiles when they talk about Mr. Obama. There were people who loved George W. Bush when he was at his most unpopular, and they meant it and would say it. But people aren’t that way about Mr. Obama. He has supporters and bundlers and contributors, he has voters, he may win. But his support is grim support. And surely this has implications.

The past few weeks I’ve asked Democrats who supported him how they feel about him. I got back nothing that showed personal investment. Here are the words of a hard-line progressive and wise veteran of the political wars: “I never loved Barack Obama. That said, among my crowd who did ‘love’ him, I can’t think of anyone who still does.” Why is Mr. Obama different from Messrs. Clinton and Bush? “Clinton radiated personality. As angry as folks got with him about Nafta or Monica, there was always a sense of genuine, generous caring.” With Bush, “if folks were upset with him, he still had this goofy kind of personality that folks could relate to. You might think he was totally misguided but he seemed genuinely so. . . . Maybe the most important word that described Clinton and Bush but not Obama is ‘genuine.'” He “doesn’t exude any feeling that what he says and does is genuine.”


Judge Judy kicks ass with this one!

This is where your taxes are going morons! You are paying for this shit! These worthless excuses for Americans are the direct results of this government.

Way to go you morons!!!!11!!1!

You keep voting for these worthless lying Democrats and the RINOs that continue to screw over my country and produce shit heads like these two. Now multiply that by millions!

I hope you’re happy with the results morons.

Fire Congress and impeach Obama’s lying ass while you’re at it!

How’s that global warming alarmism working out for you? Not so well you say?
So does NASA…

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hold (sic) In Global Warming Alarmism

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.

Study co-author Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite, reports that real-world data from NASA’s Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models.


This global warming farce needs to come to a quick and final end. It’s bullshit, it’s been shown to be bullshit by many sources. Take you global warming lies and shove them straight up your ass.

May God bless his family in their time of need.

Rest in peace General.

General John Shalikashvili

General John Shalikashvili, who died on July 23 aged 75, was the first foreign-born chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, holding the top military job at the Pentagon as principal military adviser to the President, the defence secretary and the National Security Council; he advised President Bill Clinton on the use of troops in Bosnia and other trouble spots.

Shalikashvili served as Clinton’s military chief from 1993 until 1997, having previously been supreme allied commander of US forces in Europe and of Nato.

General John Shalikashvili

General John Shalikashvili

Born in Poland, “General Shali”, as he was known, made the recommendations that sent US troops into conflicts in Haiti, Rwanda, Bosnia, the Persian Gulf and other world hot spots that had proliferated since the end of the Cold War.

Shalikashvili was head of the joint chiefs when the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuals in the US military was adopted. He had argued that allowing gays to serve openly would damage troop morale and undermine the cohesion of combat units. But he changed his mind on the issue after meeting with gay servicemen.

Earlier, under the first President George Bush, Shalikashvili served as Nato’s supreme allied commander and commander in chief of all US armed forces in Europe.


This is a sad day for Army Medicine. There was a lot of history at this facility. Economics and a lack of upkeep are likely the reason…

Army’s Famed Hospital to Close After More Than a Century

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Army’s flagship hospital where privates to presidents have gone for care, is closing its doors after more than a century.

Hundreds of thousands of the nation’s war wounded from World War I to today have received treatment at Walter Reed, including 18,000 troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Dwight Eisenhower died there. So did Gens. John J. Pershing and Douglas MacArthur.

It’s where countless celebrities, from Bob Hope to quarterback Tom Brady, have stopped to show their respect to the wounded. Through the use of medical diplomacy, the center also has tended to foreign leaders.

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This is an excellent article by Thomas Sowell at IBD. It dispels the myth that taxing the rich more will somehow make the economy better.

Dissecting The Demagoguery About ‘Tax Cuts For The Rich’


Democrats’ insistence that the “rich” pay more in taxes is rivaled only by Republicans’ apparent inability or unwillingness to engage them on this specific issue. In the following excerpt from testimony submitted to the Senate Finance Committee, economist Thomas Sowell attempts to fill that void.

At various time and places, particular individuals have argued that existing tax rates are so high that the government could collect more tax revenues if it lowered those tax rates, because the changed incentives would lead to more economic activity, resulting in more tax revenues out of rising incomes, even though the tax rate was lowered.

This is clearly a testable hypothesis that people might argue for or against on either empirical or analytical grounds. But that is seldom what happens.


Stole this from Hot Air:

GQ: Your new movie is called Friends with Benefits. Ever been in one of those relationships?

Mila Kunis: Oy. I haven’t, but I can give you my stance on it: It’s like communism—good in theory, in execution it fails.

Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?


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Dumb ass picks wrong house to rob. An Iraq War Veteran stops the dumb ass cold.With his HAND GUN.

Watch the video…


Taking Time Off…

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I’m taking a little time off from the blog.

Been busy at work and I’ll be heading out to Colorado this week, so I’ll get back to it when I get back.

Sooo, until then, a little eye candy…