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My condolences to his family. This is truly a sad day for Kennedy Space Center.

Worker falls to his death at Kennedy Space Center, NASA says

(CNN) — A space shuttle contract worker fell to his death Monday morning while working at the launchpad, preparing the space shuttle Endeavour for its final flight, according to a NASA official.

United Space Alliance, the prime contractor for the U.S. space shuttle program, said in a press release that the victim was one of its employees, James Vanover.

“He fell at the pad, and NASA emergency medical personnel responded but were unable to revive him,” said Kennedy Space Center spokeswoman Candrea Thomas.

Vanover was a swing-arm engineer, United Space Alliance spokeswoman Kari Fluegel said. He supported work on the gaseous oxygen vent hood as well as the orbiter access arm, which is the passageway through which astronauts enter the space shuttle.

Fluegel said his body was found on another level of Launch Pad 39A at the space hub in northeast Florida. It was not immediately known what caused him to fall.