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Looks like the TSA and the government (one and the same) have been lying. The machines that they are using, aren’t as harmless as they’ve been saying.
Check my junk please. No touching of the junk though.

From Ace of Spades…

Biochemist Raises Questions about Nude-o-Scopes

Jason Bell, a biochemist working in biophysics.

Chromosome Damage From Radiation

On the significance of the type of radiation used:

The TSA has been stating that the X-rays used in the back scatter machines use ‘soft’ X-rays, which are defined as radiation between 0.12-12 keV (or kilo electron volts) and are generally stopped, or absorbed, by soft tissue or low density matter. ‘Hard’ X-rays are between 12-128 keV and are absorbed by dense matter like bone. According to the TSA safety documents, AIT uses an 50 keV source that emits a broad spectra (see adjacent graph from here). Essentially, this means that the X-ray source used in the Rapiscan system is the same as those used for mammograms and some dental X-rays, and uses BOTH ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ X-rays. Its very disturbing that the TSA has been misleading on this point. Here is the real catch: the softer the X-ray, the more its absorbed by the body, and the higher the biologically relevant dose! This means, that this radiation is potentially worse than an a higher energy medical chest X-ray.


More Election News

Posted: 24 Nov 2010 in Politics

Looks like there’s more good news for Conservatism. The ass kicking that the Demoncats got in the state legislatures will pay huge dividends.
From Hot Air:

The Republican Wave Isn’t Quite Finished Yet

by Jimmie Bise, Jr

Of all the stories of the great Republican wave election of 2010, one of the stories that didn’t get wide play is just how dominant the GOP was in state elections. Republicans claimed a record 680 state legislative seats around the country, 52 more than the old record, set by Democrats in 1974 and 208 more than they picked up in the 1994 Gingrich Revolution. The right now controls both chambers of 26 state legislatures.

And the hits just keep coming. In the past couple of weeks, at least 11 Democratic state legislators have switched sides — one in South Dakota, one in Maine, , one in Louisiana, two in Georgia, and four in Alabama. In Louisiana, the switch gives Republicans control of one house of the government for the first time since Reconstruction; in Alabama, the Republicans control both houses for the first time since 1874.


Maybe. Or their just tired of shilling for a moron that can’t deliver.
At any rate, apparently the media is stepping back a bit when it comes to pitching their man’s BS.
Open Blogger over at Ace covers this well:

The Obama Shill-a-thon & Media’s Fatigue [Journolist]

Appears some in the mainstream media may be getting tired of shilling for Obama. After 22 months into their non-stop Obama Shill-a-Thon, a growing number of mainstreamers are venturing off the reservation.

Some are even openly airing their discontent over Obama’s insolence and sleight of hand intellect. We all knew this was bound to happen as the media in all of their liberal bias, are after all, human.

Even mainstreamer stalwarts such as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and the New York Times’ Frank Rich have seemingly toned down their liberal declamations. To the mainstreamers, Mr. Obama represented the new aged politician whose intellect and transcendent nature would be ”just what the doctor ordered” for a nation whose politics had become acutely partisan and loudly acrimonious.


The perverts are out there and the TSA is giving them some fresh material on a daily basis…

Body Scanner Operator Caught Masturbating at Colorado Airport

“The young ladies were going through the scanner one by one, and every time one went through, this guys face was getting redder and redder. His hand was moving and then he started sweating. He was then seen doing his ‘O’ face. That’s when the security dragged him out of his booth and cuffed him. He had his pants round his ankles and everybody was really disgusted,” Jeb Rather, a passenger on a flight to New York told CBS news.


This is a hoax. Just play along…

This is great news, but I doubt that you’ll hear too much about it in the media.

In U.S., Continuing Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Control
Fewer than 3 in 10 support law banning handguns except for police and authorized personnel

by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ — For the second year in a row, a record-low 44% of Americans say laws governing the sale of firearms should be made more strict, while 42% say gun laws should be kept as they are now. Twelve percent say gun laws should be made less strict.


There are libtard heads exploding as you read this…

This douche-bag is a complete failure.
Time for him and the Fed to go away.

Quantitative Easing Explained

Medal of Honor Awarded

Posted: 16 Nov 2010 in Politics

Finally we have a living Medal of Honor winner!

Great job Staff Sergeant Giunta!
You’re an example that the Army can hold up high.

Obama on Medal of Honor Recipient: I Like This Guy

A U.S. Army staff sergeant who stepped into the line of fire to help a pair of comrades on the Afghan battlefield embodies the principle of never leaving a fallen comrade behind, President Obama said Tuesday while awarding the Medal of Honor to Salvatore Giunta.

Obama called Giunta a solider who is “as humble as he is heroic,” and has lived up to the memory of World War II’s most decorated soldier, Audie Murphy.


Well if this just doesn’t piss you off, you’re either dead, or a liberal moron.
It’s bad enough that we as citizens of the United States have to even put up with cities that openly thumb their noses at the law, but when we in turn must pay taxes that go directly to support these craptastic cities, it’s absolutely unconscionable.
In fact in absolutely pisses me off.
The government, i.e., Congress needs to pass legislation that bars these cities from receiving ANY federal funding while they are sanctuary cities. They are openly defying the laws of America, and should pay the penalty for doing so.

DOJ Gave Millions to Illegal Immigrant ‘Sanctuaries,’ Report Finds
By Joshua Rhett Miller

The Department of Justice has spent tens of millions of dollars this year to compensate more than two dozen states, counties and cities for their costs of jailing illegal immigrants — even though those communities have adopted policies that obstruct immigration enforcement, according to a recently released report.

“Subsidizing Sanctuaries: The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program,” a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, found that the federal grant program commonly known as SCAAP allocated $62.2 million — more than 15 percent of its $400 million total — to 27 jurisdictions that are widely considered to be “sanctuary communities.”


Space Boobs!

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Boobs discovered in space!

Well, no, not really. But, you looked!

Two giant gas bubbles in space! That’s what I meant to say.

Giant space bubbles baffle astronomers

Two giant gas bubbles – each one 25,000 light-years wide – discovered in our galaxy are baffling astronomers.

Space Boobs

The two vast structures, stretching to the north and to the south of the centre of the Milky Way, are so big that a beam of light, travelling at 186,282 miles per second, would take 50,000 years to get from the edge of one to the edge of the other.

The previously unseen bubbles were discovered by astronomer Doug Finkbeiner, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope. He admitted yesterday: “We don’t fully understand their nature or origin.”

They span more than half the visible sky, from the constellation of Virgo to the constellation of Grus, and are thought to be millions of years old. They were not noticed before because they were lost in a fog of gamma radiation across the sky.


Telling it Like it is…

Posted: 10 Nov 2010 in Politics

You need to go read this very well written piece by Victor Davis Hanson.
He tells it like you wish you could tell it.

What the Election Was Not About

1. Communication—As If You Would Have Liked My Agenda Had You Just Been More Informed

President Obama’s postmortem press conference was a near disaster. He seemed subdued, but also sometimes petulant—still convinced that we, in fear and distrust, “lashed out” in anger at the doctor rather than the disease. In fact, the same voter furor that turned on him is, he thinks, what earlier elected him: only his failure to channel it properly explains the setback. Finally he did admit that he was “shellacked,” but he believes that partisanship confused us voters into shellacking him.

This common complaint that he failed to communicate just how wonderfully he had done is quite an unhinged Carteresque/Kerryesque exegesis. The problem was not that the American voter did not know about the second stimulus, ObamaCare, the efforts to push cap and trade, card check, and $3 trillion more in debt, but that he knew them all too well. When framed by 10% unemployment, slow growth, record food stamp usage, and home foreclosures, the problem was, again, too much, rather than too little, information. Obama was overexposed, not underexposed. The more he communicated on the campaign trail—“back seat,” “enemies,”“they” don’t want you to vote—the more the jaded voter turned from his cause. I fear very few will now listen to the new Obama in extremis calling for a new civility of the sort he helped destroy with his offensive and polarizing slurs and smears the last month.