This Makes Me Sick!

Posted: 27 Sep 2010 in Military, US Army
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This makes me sick!

I cannot believe that my beloved Army could allow this to happen. My heart is broken over this.

Those responsible for allowing this to happen need to be dealt with swiftly.

Those FORMER Soldiers need to hang for this.

Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent Afghans

Corporal, 22, Tells How His ‘Crazy’ Sergeant Allegedly Murdered For Kicks, Collected Body Parts

Dressed in a t-shirt and Army shorts, a 22-year-old corporal from Wasilla, Alaska casually describes on a video tape made by military investigators how his unit’s “crazy” sergeant randomly chose three unarmed, innocent victims to be murdered in Afghanistan.

Corporal Jeremy N. Morlock is one of five GI’s charged with pre-meditated murder in a case that includes allegations of widespread drug use, the collection of body parts and photos of the U.S. soldiers holding the Afghan bodies like hunter’s trophies.


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