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I have always hated the UN. I think it is the most corrupt organization on the planet next to the DNC.

They are out to take away the rights of the individual in favor of  a one world government.

Keep a sharp eye on these bastards.

Howard Nemerov goes through them with a fine tooth comb and has some excellent charts and statistics as is usual for him.

UN Determined to Destroy America’s Second Amendment
The United Nations wants to control small arms in order to promote peace and security, but their own research contradicts this rhetoric.
by Howard Nemerov

The Heritage Foundation is America’s “most broadly supported public policy research institute,” promoting “public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.”

Each year, the Heritage Foundation publishes the “Economic Freedom Index,” which analyzes ten economic variables for each country. The Heritage Foundation defines economic freedom as:

[I]ndividuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they please, and that freedom is both protected by the state and unconstrained by the state.

The Heritage Foundation rates countries by the following grading scale: Economically “Free” countries have an overall score of 80-100; “Mostly Free” between 70 and 79.9; “Moderately Free” between 60 and 69.9, “Mostly Unfree” between 50 and 59.9; and economically “Repressed” countries average an overall score under 50.

The Heritage Foundation explains the difference between economic freedom and repression:

All government action involves coercion. Some minimal coercion is necessary for the citizens of a community or nation to defend themselves, promote the evolution of civil society, and enjoy the fruits of their labor…

When government coercion rises beyond the minimal level, however, it becomes corrosive to freedom—and the first freedom affected is economic freedom.