At Least He Gets This One Right…

Posted: 9 Apr 2010 in Afghanistan, Comarade Obama, Islam, Military, Muslims, Terrorism, US Air Force

President Obama is my least favorite person next to Pelosi, but I said if he gets one right, I’ll say so. The terrorists are terrorized by this winged spewer of death.

As an aside, there is only one in the US at the moment. It resides at NASA for use as a test vehicle for both civilian and military applications. I got a really in depth briefing yesterday on the Predator. It is an awesome little airplane.

This is one of those he’s gotten right:

The Power of “The Predator”

Life under the Hellfire missile [5] has not been a pleasant one for the Taliban and al Qaeda. A New York Times journalist [6], held prisoner for several months by the Taliban, reported that even in the remotest areas of Pakistan’s wild tribal regions, the terrorists constantly scan the sky where drones can often be heard flying overhead, searching out their targets.

The substantial losses they have suffered at the hands of the Hellfire missile have angered the Taliban, provoking desperate attacks like the one this week. Starting in 2008 with the accession of Asif Zardari to the Pakistani presidency, about 700 al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists have been killed in drone attacks. A New York Times [5] report states that Hellfire missiles have accounted for 90 Islamists in Pakistan’s tribal areas in the first six weeks of this year alone.

Particularly painful for the two terrorist organizations, according to military analysts, is the fact that among the dead are about two dozen top-level leaders and 100 mid-level ones. This quantity and quality of expertise and experience are not easily replaceable, especially the mid-level battlefield commanders. According to one estimate, half of the senior al Qaeda leadership has been killed or seriously wounded in the past two years.

Read it all here.

  1. The damage done by the drones is not near as important as the number of American lives that have been saved by their use.

    I love the fact that these drone’s are probably being controlled by some kid who was raised on video games & that it’s being done from the safety of a base thousands of miles away!