Every time I see a “Work Union, Live Better” sticker, I want to drive the douche-bag off the road.

It makes me want to hurl. I almost become incensed from the sight. Almost as bad as “Obama-Biden” stickers.

Both have screwed up America. Both deserve your derision.

Anyway, the union folks might be decent people, but the organization they have representing their “interests” is corrupt and has been shoving money at the Democrats as long as I can remember.

Look  at what they have achieved at your expense! They own a good chunk of GM at no cost to them. It was handed to them by the Douche-bag-in-Chief.

They drive up the cost of goods and services across the broad spectrum of anything and everything that involves a union. Businesses have to compensate for the ridiculous sums of money they spend placating unions by raising the price of their product.

Unions make America’s situation even worse than it should be.

Yeah, work union, live better my ass. Maybe it should say, “Work Union, We Screw the American People so WE can Live Better!” Do you people that work for a union pay attention to the politics that these assholes play?

Somehow I doubt it.

Now, government unions outnumber private sector unions. Now these bastards will never lose their job, no matter how screwed up they are.

Check this out:

“We’re twisting arms. We’re threatening people.”
Posted By Ivan Osorio

So said United Teachers of Los Angeles President A.J. Duffy at a rally, which reason.tv now makes available in a new video on public sector unions [1]. As host Nick Gillespie notes, “as unemployment hovers around 10 percent and any sort of recovery seems to be forever and a day away…the one part of the economy that is going gangbusters during the Great Recession is government work.” Now that the number of union members working for government has surpassed the number of union members working for businesses [2], and compensation for unionized government workers is straining public budgets to a crisis point [3], this issue needs all the attention it can get.


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  3. David J says:

    I really thought I was alone in my hostility towards unions. I blame them for progressivism/ statism. Cut off the head and the body will die.

    • 1idvet says:

      Nope. You’re not alone.
      I loath them.
      I know that there is an agenda, and most members are absolutely clueless about it.

    • Justinian says:

      You have to under stand the head of the unions is the socialist DNC or …are they one in the same…or is it the news media…or is it our educational system….or is it our entertainment media…it’s an ugly hydra…lop off all their heads.

  4. Michelle says:

    The United Healthcare union has a gag order on our Managers and all who are not going to be “represented by their bargaining units.”
    I’m one of them. Their unfair practices make me ashamed to have claimed the Democratic Party as Mine. Please help us defeat this Satanic group.
    I have nothing but pity for those who have been hood winked into fighting for this union’s cause.
    They have defeated the rights of the people…Shame and a Pox on the leaders who bring innocent people to this venomous end.

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  6. EP says:

    Down with Unions!

  7. Estes Baxter says:

    I was (forced to be) a union member for 20 years. Though I lived and worked in a “Right-to-work” state, the only way I could get a good job in the motion picture business was to pay union dues.

    The “leaders” of my I.A.T.S.E union were people who couldn’t otherwise get jobs. They were some of the most ignorant,sleeziest, dishonest people I met in 30 plus years of working in the business.

    They ran so much business out of this state of Florida by their failure to negotiate that I finally stopped paying dues and was put on a “do not hire” list sent to producers.

  8. Rick says:

    What you should be upset with is not all unions or their membership. It is large unions that are the problem. And don’t for an instant think that anyone is screwing the American people except the elected officials. With responsible unions and responsible not greedy corporations the American workforce is second to none. Big unions have lost sight of the object of a union and large corporations look at the workers pocket book to increase profits when they are make astronomical profits in many cases. How much is enough? If a company is clearing 2 to 3 billion a quarter and runs out of ways to run any more efficiently, do they really need to now try to pull some from the workers because they are making a living wage? If the union asks for more when there is plenty to go around I hear it called redistribution of wealth by some. If the company asks for money from employees wages then it is called good business? It is not good business, it is redistribution of wealth from our pockets to the already huge bonuses of the upper management. Also when times are tough and the company says we need concessions because the economy is weak, what they really mean is we need you to take less from this because we need our bonuses to stay the same or continue to increase. In a publicly traded company the CEO and any other management has no more vested interest than the guy that cleans the toilet, yet he thinks his wages and bonuses should stay the same in tough times at the expense of non management workers. If he was the owner and stood to lose everything he invested then there is an argument, otherwise no excuse is valid for taking from others to give to yourself. If people don’t wake up and stop playing this Democrat and Republican pissing match, the whole country will be working for $10 and hr and wondering where all the good jobs have gone. Higher wages = People not dependent on govt programs= lower taxes and guess what if you make more you can spend more and your tax base is higher because 20 or 30% of a $20 an hr job is twice that of a $10 an hr job and that = the ability to lower taxes because more is coming in and less people need govt services. How simple is that? Stop being a slave to the politicians that seem to want to make Americans dependent on the system.

  9. goofy says:

    I just wanted to tell a quick story of whats going on in my Union. Sheetmetal Union local 105… since this depressive economy has hit, there has been debate and ideas for solutions to our 60 to 80% percent out of work or underworked members. Myself, I worked for a company for a few years and when it got slow got laid off and told to stay in touch for when it got better… well things got better and I was asked back by the company. A dream come true, considering my house mortgage being 3 months past and my wife may be with child..so as I relayed the good news to my union that I had a job ready, I was informed that one of the solutions the union came up with was, that for every person requested by the company to work, they had to take 2 off the union list of unemployed. So effectively the company had to hire 3 to get 1. Needless to say the company (Circulating Air Inc) said they didn’t want to hire that many since they were trying to hire enough work to keep employees working without being forced to over hire and lay off workers or have people who cant hold a job, since they are always on the front of the list…3 weeks of arguing and bargaining and the company had the solution to the unions solution. Dont hire anybody and give the current employees overtime and saturdays…Jackpot for union worker… and just not hire anymore people. The effect of this solution to my unions solution is that I had a job to go to but the union wont let me, I stay on unemployment and sink further in the darkness of accumulating debt, Im still required to pay dues even though im not allowed to work, the ultimate insult to those with half a brain. This is the unions solution to a problem that needed to be made worse…. you want to hire a person, not until you hire everyone we want you to hire……….
    the irony, i would suppose, that losing my house and insurance is small potatoes when a solution that kills those that want to be saved is held in high regard, because the union representatives, ironically, have steady work representing the unemployed workers that they keep unemployed…….

    a former union supporter

    • 1idvet says:

      Sorry to hear that you have been hit hard by this economy. But as far as I can tell, and you’ve affirmed, the unions are the problem, not the solution.

  10. Gary says:

    I work at a place that is trying to force me to join the union. They say if I don’t join, then I don’t have a job. The messed up part is not only are they trying to force this, but the union says they won’t represent me until I’m “Hired on” to the company. But they will make me pay dues, join the union and not represent me or help me get hired on, or help me if I get fired or find something greivable. How is this right?????? Isn’t that a form of taxation without representation? Wouldn’t that be against my civil rights?? Or is a form of discrimintaion? They are trying to force me to pay for a service I will not recieve unless I get ” hired on”. I already work for the company. not a temp service! Is there ANY government agency or law firm that can help me and look into this???????

    • sup tech says:

      My work is doing the same thing to me. I thought they were a better business then this. I will NEVER buy there boat motors again. The way they treat thier employees is ridiculous. DON’T BUY MERCURY MARINE MOTORS. They treat thier employees like garbage and the union helps them.

  11. David says:

    Unions are the only thing that represent you, the worker. If you want an organization, that has people running it, yielding power, and with no corruption; please kill yourself. Seriously man, corporations do not have your best interest at heart, look at wake increases for the bottom 60% and the top 10% over the last 30 years. Doctors, professors, and other high skill jobs have begun to organize, realizing the executives will always find a way to short the people producing the wealth. You need to pick a book and understand what you are talking about. Never mind, keep watching Fox News for your information, I’m sure they know exactly what they are talking about 😉

    • 1idvet says:

      It’s not the private unions that I have a problem with, it’s government unions. PSUs are a huge liability and I end up paying for it. A private company that has a union has to charge more for their product/service, I can always find another company to pay less to, I can’t change my government quite as readily.

      I don’t expect a corporation to have my best interest at heart. They have their best interest at heart which is making a profit. In order to do that they need to hire quality folks with as little red tape and no union bullshit that they need to deal with.
      The cost of doing any business that has union representation is astronomical compared to the same type of company/industry that doesn’t have a union mucking things up.
      Contrast and compare Toyota with Ford, or Chevy. Toyota has a higher quality car with lower comparative cost. Why? Non-union auto manufacturer vs union one.

      The Japanese Big 3 succeeded in having enormously lower health care costs (compared to GM) in 2007 which resulted in a $14 billion profit. And because they are not associated with unions, these manufacturers have the opportunity to flux production with the demand. Although decreased production may involve layoffs and terminations, in the long run, they are saving millions not having to shell out to laid off employees like the UAW does. Non-unionized companies also have considerably lower wage expenses and don’t face the risk of strike (read: no $1 billion strike fund to tend to).

      That translates to savings for the consumer.
      I’m pretty sure that the folks that work for the Japanese big three aren’t starving.