In one case, a billion dollars. Way to go morons.

Private corporations, some fairly large ones, are already letting the American people know how bad this Obamacare is going to be.

The cost will be millions, to billions depending on the size of the company. That comes from their bottom line, which in turn will ensure that they raise the cost to use/buy their products to the consumers. Yeah, how’s that not taxing anyone under $250,000 working out for you?

Still like that hopeandchange bullshit?
America will suffer like a third world hell hole if this bill is not repealed.

Obamacare Starts Squeezing the Private Sector
By William Tucker

The news on healthcare reform this week is that right off the bat, the major corporations are discovering they will be losing stunning amounts to taxes as a result of Obamacare.

Caterpillar, the first to speak out, reported it will take a one-time write-down of $100 million in order to account for the elimination of a federal tax refund it has been receiving for providing drug benefits to its retired employees. In the following days, AT&T, Verizon, 3M, Deer & Co., and AK Steel Holdings announced they would take similar write downs. AT&T’s new tax bill will come to over $1 billion. The news is a body blow to major companies hoping to recover profitability and add jobs.


  1. trishothinks says:

    Once the government gets their grimy hands into something they always “bleep” it up.

    I knew it would be a disaster….oh…they are going to save us soooo much money. What a joke.


    • 1idvet says:

      You can rest assured that they will screw up the American health care system so thoroughly that it will look probably worse than the UK’s crap.

      Government cannot run anything within budget, nor can they run it with any sort of efficiency.