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Every time I see a “Work Union, Live Better” sticker, I want to drive the douche-bag off the road.

It makes me want to hurl. I almost become incensed from the sight. Almost as bad as “Obama-Biden” stickers.

Both have screwed up America. Both deserve your derision.

Anyway, the union folks might be decent people, but the organization they have representing their “interests” is corrupt and has been shoving money at the Democrats as long as I can remember.

Look  at what they have achieved at your expense! They own a good chunk of GM at no cost to them. It was handed to them by the Douche-bag-in-Chief.

They drive up the cost of goods and services across the broad spectrum of anything and everything that involves a union. Businesses have to compensate for the ridiculous sums of money they spend placating unions by raising the price of their product.

Unions make America’s situation even worse than it should be.

Yeah, work union, live better my ass. Maybe it should say, “Work Union, We Screw the American People so WE can Live Better!” Do you people that work for a union pay attention to the politics that these assholes play?

Somehow I doubt it.

Now, government unions outnumber private sector unions. Now these bastards will never lose their job, no matter how screwed up they are.

Check this out:

“We’re twisting arms. We’re threatening people.”
Posted By Ivan Osorio

So said United Teachers of Los Angeles President A.J. Duffy at a rally, which now makes available in a new video on public sector unions [1]. As host Nick Gillespie notes, “as unemployment hovers around 10 percent and any sort of recovery seems to be forever and a day away…the one part of the economy that is going gangbusters during the Great Recession is government work.” Now that the number of union members working for government has surpassed the number of union members working for businesses [2], and compensation for unionized government workers is straining public budgets to a crisis point [3], this issue needs all the attention it can get.


Another moron in Congress. He can’t do math either…

Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill
By Michelle Malkin

My syndicated column this week puts Henry Waxman’s latest witch hunt against companies speaking out on the costs of Demcare in the larger context of his power-grabbing career as the Left’s chief inquisitor. Related good reads: Megan McArdle breaks down Waxman’s war on accounting. John Fund calls the upcoming Waxman hearing the first Demcare death panel. As I note below, more companies are reporting write downs as required by SEC rules, disclosure laws passed by Congress (and supported by Waxman), and generally accepted accounting practices. How many show trials does Waxman plan on holding?

More targets for the Witch Hunter: “Small businesses fret over details of health law.”

Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill
by Michelle Malkin

Creators Syndicate

Has there ever been a time when 18-term liberal Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman’s nostrils weren’t flaring indignantly at corporate executives and entrepreneurs? The man wields his gavel over the free market like a Damoclean sword. He throws the weight of his congressional chairmanship around like a sumo wrestler walking across hot stones. For more than 35 years, Waxman has made it his taxpayer-funded business to use the power of government to undermine private business.



Did I ever mention that I fucking hate Nancy Pelosi? I think she is the worst example of socialist stupidity that ever walked the planet. She actually believes the horseshit that comes out of her pie hole.

Here’s another of Pelosi’s moronic math calculations. This bitch is in dire need of firing.

Economics for Dummies
Nancy Pelosi’s cockamamie ideas.
BY Fred Barnes

You probably missed it. But a new school of economics was unveiled last week shortly after health care reform passed the House of Representatives. Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped to the podium in the House chamber and said the legislation will “unleash tremendous entrepreneurial power” and create millions of jobs. “Our economy needs something new, a jolt,” she said. And she and her Democratic colleagues had just delivered it.

Pelosi, author of the new departure in economic thinking, said we should now “imagine a society and an economy where a person could change jobs without losing health insurance, where they could be self-employed or start a small business.” With health care reform, “their entrepreneurial spirit will be unleashed.”


It’s time for McCain’s ass to retire. That RINO douche-bag has done enough damage to America through his lousy policies and even lousier campaign for President.

Guess I’m beating RINOs today. They piss me off like no liberal could. At least with a liberal moron, he’s up front about it. RINOs hide behind Republican clothing and do the dirty work of the socialist dirt bags in this country.

Fire McCain!

‘Scorched Earth’ in Arizona
By Robert Stacy McCain

PHOENIX, Arizona — Behind a Dunkin’ Donuts in a shopping center on East Cactus Road, J.D. Hayworth’s Senate campaign headquarters has a low-budget look. Near the front door, pinned to a cubicle wall, is a campaign T-shirt proclaiming Hayworth “The Consistent Conservative,” offered for sale at $15 each. Volunteers are stuffing envelopes at a folding table that holds seven telephones, the phone lines dangling down from the ceiling. A large bulletin board is festooned with letters from supporters, including a woman from Dewey, Arizona, who wrote to say, “Sock it to him, please!”

The “him” is, of course, Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential nominee and the man whose involuntary retirement from the Senate is the goal of Hayworth’s candidacy.


And with this pronouncement, Romney is done.

What a moron. RINO is as RINO does…

Romney defends Mass. health care law
Points to differences from Obama overhaul

By Sasha Issenberg

AMES, Iowa — Mitt Romney offered an enthusiastic defense last night of the comprehensive health care law he helped create four years ago in Massachusetts, even as he pointed to crucial distinctions between it and a similar national program enacted last week by Democrats.

“Overall, ours is a model that works,’’ Romney said in response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University. “We solved our problem at the state level. Like it or not, it was a state solution. Why is it that President Obama is stepping in and saying ‘one size fits all’ ’’?

Obama’s signing of a federal health care law has put Romney — a possible 2012 presidential candidate — again on the defensive over the most significant achievement in his brief career in public office. The former governor, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate again for president in 2012, had labeled Obama’s bill “unhealthy for America’’ and has called for its repeal, even as conservative critics say it was modeled on Romney’s policy.

Yesterday, Romney proudly acknowledged that his bill included a set of new insurance regulations that “President Obama always likes to talk about in his health care plan — the good stuff.’’ Romney trumpeted the achievement of near-universal coverage in Massachusetts, while declining to acknowledge that the mechanism he used to achieve that goal — a requirement that individuals buy private insurance — is the same as the much-criticized mandate of Obama’s plan.


The left likes to try comparing the Tea Party movement with the Nazis whenever they can. It’s pathetic at best. Whenever there was a left wing protest, how many people would be arrested for their stupidity?

How many were arrested at the Tea Party in Searchlight, Nevada? Zero. Not even a citation was issued that day.

The left continues their desperate cries of racism, Kristalnacht, or whatever anti-Conservative thing they can think up. All false, all meant to take away from the debate. All lies.

The real anti-Americans
By Pat Buchanan

As Democrats, after a Sunday rally on the Capitol grounds, marched to the House hand-in-hand to vote for health-care reform, tea partiers reportedly shouted the “N-word” at John Lewis and another black congressman. A third was allegedly spat upon. And Barney Frank was called a nasty name.

Tea partiers deny it all. And neither audio nor video of this alleged incident has been produced, though TV cameras and voice recorders were everywhere on the Hill.

Other Democrats say their offices were vandalized and they’ve been threatened. A few received, and eagerly played for cable TV, obscene phone calls they got.

If true, this is crude and inexcusable behavior. And any threat should be investigated. But Democrats are also exploiting these real, imaginary or hoked-up slurs to portray themselves as political martyrs and to smear opponents as racists and bigots.

This is the politics of desperation.


In one case, a billion dollars. Way to go morons.

Private corporations, some fairly large ones, are already letting the American people know how bad this Obamacare is going to be.

The cost will be millions, to billions depending on the size of the company. That comes from their bottom line, which in turn will ensure that they raise the cost to use/buy their products to the consumers. Yeah, how’s that not taxing anyone under $250,000 working out for you?

Still like that hopeandchange bullshit?
America will suffer like a third world hell hole if this bill is not repealed.

Obamacare Starts Squeezing the Private Sector
By William Tucker

The news on healthcare reform this week is that right off the bat, the major corporations are discovering they will be losing stunning amounts to taxes as a result of Obamacare.

Caterpillar, the first to speak out, reported it will take a one-time write-down of $100 million in order to account for the elimination of a federal tax refund it has been receiving for providing drug benefits to its retired employees. In the following days, AT&T, Verizon, 3M, Deer & Co., and AK Steel Holdings announced they would take similar write downs. AT&T’s new tax bill will come to over $1 billion. The news is a body blow to major companies hoping to recover profitability and add jobs.


Anytime I can beat up on anti-gun morons, I will. Or, I’ll just highlight someone else bagging on these morons. Here’s a good one from Nicki over at The Liberty Zone:

Brady histrionics meet reality

Despite what Sarah Brady, Paul Helmke and VPC’s Josh Sugarmann will have you believe, John Lott‘s theory of “More Guns, Less Crime” has been justified.  America now has record numbers of law-abiding, responsible citizens licensed to carry concealed weapons, and firearms deaths in America have fallen.

From its beginnings in the 1980s, the “right-to-carry” movement has succeeded in boosting the number of licensed concealed-gun carriers from fewer than 1 million to a record 6 million today, according to estimates from gun-rights groups that are supported by’s research. And while hotly debated, the effect of this dramatic increase is largely unknown.

Well, according to Gun Facts, the majority of American states are now “right to carry” states.  There’s been no blood running in the streets, and no massacres by law-abiding citizens exercising their rights.  Crime has not increased in those states, and in many cases, it has actually declined.  I’m always loath (unlike the Hemenway/Miller misanthropic manpigs at Harvard) to draw causation from correlation, but even a blind man can certainly understand that if crime has not increased, and even decreased in many “right to carry” states, that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem!


Ted puts it out there like it aught to be…

Yeah, the one that I posted about hell care screwing over the 9.2 million retirees and their families?

Seems the Demoncraps really do hate the military.

You piece of shit Demoncraps will get your just deserts. That I shall guarantee.

The new Democrat Strategy
By Bill

1. Cross bridge.

2. Burn it.

Remember when Obie-Won opined that troops wounded in combat should have to pay for their own hospital care and rehab? And how rapidly he backpedalled when people were ready to rip his lips off he discovered how very unpopular that was with the American people?

Remember the uproar when HellCare folded TRICARE in with MediCare and remember what Secretary Gates said to calm everybody down?