And old cows beware. The Senate is ripe for plucking. I think that the Senate may revert back into Republican hands in 2010, if not, it will be a close call for the Dems. The House will definitely switch back to a Republican held entity. The people are sick of the Democrats and their progressive bullshit. This is America, not Europe. For whom the bell tolls…

The Running of the Bulls: Is Harry Reid the Next Scott Lucas?
By Jeffrey Lord

Senator George Norris was stunned.

“Why should people be so mad at me?” he wondered in amazement to a reporter for the New York Times.

It was November, 1942. And Senator Norris, one of the most famous and powerful American progressives in the land, one of the Senate’s “Old Bulls” (he was, among other things, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the “father” of the Tennessee Valley Authority ), had just lost his longtime Nebraska Senate seat in a landslide. Said the angry and depressed Senator, tears filling his eyes: “The more I think of it, the more I get bewildered. I can’t understand it. I simply can’t understand it.”

And then it surfaced.

The Old Bull viewed himself as a righteous man. And without a trace of irony, even the smallest sense of recognition that his ego had perhaps gotten a wee bit out of control, he insisted that “in my view, righteousness has been crucified.” Crucified. Just like, well, Christ.

Yes, he acknowledged reluctantly, every Nebraska voter had a right to vote “as he saw fit.” But? “But I think sometimes in a democracy, in the excitement and on the spur of the moment, that it [rewarding the faithful servant like George Norris] is not observed.”


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