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More on the global whining shenanigans that are being perpetrated against humanity.

These people make me ill.

And to think, we were within a short time frame of ruining the world’s economy over lies. The dumbass Democrats keep wanting to push this agenda, because it is all about control for them.

If you think it’s to save the planet, you’re a bigger moron than I gave you credit for.

Climategate: Just Sign on the Dotted Line
Dexter Wright

The mainstream media were convinced of global warming theory’s legitimacy by the warnings supposedly signed by large numbers of the world’s climate scientists. The propagandists in this effort were led by the now-discredited Dr. Phil Jones of Britain and former Vice President Al Gore.

Several of the recently leaked Climategate e-mails reveal backstage manipulations to produce a propaganda tool, the Statement of European Climate Scientists on Actions to Protect Global Climate, intended to be unveiled at the Kyoto Climate Conference. Members of the Jones Gang from East Anglia University organized efforts to get just about anyone to sign this statement to push up the numbers. In an e-mail dated 9 October 1997, Dr. Joseph Alcamo admonishes other members of the Jones Gang to forget credentials and just get signatures.



Global Warming and the Science Fair Test
Andrew Thomas

Hypothesis: If the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC scientists submitted their climate change research as a grade-school science fair project, it would fail miserably.

Of course, my hypothesis rests on some assumptions. The first is that science will continue to be taught in our public schools, since some forward-thinkers at Berkeley High School seem to think that lab science is just for whites.

The second assumption is that the science fair judges (usually teachers) are unbiased toward climate change “science” and actually understand the scientific method. This is a tall assumption, since global warming propaganda is more and more becoming part of the curricula they teach, while the scientific method takes a back seat.


Interesting tidbit over at CATO.

You think Teh One is a socialist? Well, he’s got plenty of company, he’s also one of the bigger socialists.

How Many Senators Are More Liberal than the Socialist One?
Posted by David Boaz

In a profile of the poetry-reading chief of staff to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Washington Post calls Sanders not only “the only socialist in the U.S. Congress,” but also “surely [the Senate’s] most liberal [member].” Surely. I mean, he’s a socialist, right? (And by the way, that isn’t a label that Sanders rejects.)

Well, maybe not. According to the National Taxpayers Union, 42 senators in 2008 voted to spend more tax dollars than socialist Bernie Sanders. They include his neighbor Pat Leahy; Californians Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who just can’t understand why their home state is in fiscal trouble; and the Eastern Seaboard anti-taxpayer Murderers’ Row of Kerry, Dodd, Lieberman, Clinton, Schumer, Lautenberg, Menendez, Carper, Biden, Cardin, and Mikulski. Don’t carry cash on Amtrak! Not to mention Blanche Lambert Lincoln and Mark Pryor of Arkansas, who apparently think Arkansans don’t pay taxes so federal spending is free. Sen. Barack Obama didn’t vote often enough to get a rating in 2008, but in 2007 he managed to be one of the 11 senators who voted for more spending than the socialist senator.