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Howard Nemerov pokes at the Brady Campaign in this Ode to them:

Ode to the Brady Campaign
By Howard Nemerov

(After the controversy over the Austin gun show situation, perhaps a bit of humor is necessary to lighten the mood. Regarding the hot-button topic of gun control, the following satirical poem is a whimsical take on the Brady Campaign agenda.)

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is an organization “devoted to creating an America free from gun violence…” While not calling itself a “gun ban” organization, extensive research has determined this claim is disingenuous at best. Click here to read more about how the Brady Campaign employs deception and poor research to promote their agenda.


Yeah, that part about melting glaciers in the next 20 years, well we sorta, kinda, LIED, er, made an error in our calculations.

Maybe you morons should return the Nobel Idiot Prize, then again, you’re a bunch of idiots, just keep that worthless token of liberal adulation.

Douche bags.

IPCC: “Our bad! Global warming not about to melt Himalayas.
By Michael Fumento

“The glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world and, if the present rate continues, a large number of them may disappear by 2035 because of climate change.” Such was the lede of one [1] of countless articles about how 1.3 billion Asians were in imminent danger of first flooding and then drought. And that’s not to mention the certain extinction of the abominable snowman.