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I’ve been MIA for a while. Several reasons, new job and I also took a trip this past weekend.

I am still learning my new duties and responsibilities at work, so that takes up a lot of my effort at the moment.

I did take a trip to Point Mugu this past Martin L. King weekend.

Check out the pics below:

Added Blog

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I added a new blog to my blog roll.

Go check it out:

Mountain Republic

It’s in the Politics section.

Now Obama wants you to pay down the national debt by forcing you to buy treasury bonds in your 401K and IRAs.

This man will stop at nothing to control America.

Obama to meddle with your retirement account?
Administration considers forcing investors into Treasury debt
By Jerome R. Corsi

The Obama administration appears to have come up with a novel way of financing trillion-dollar budget deficits – demanding IRA and 401(k) holders buy trillions of dollars in Treasury bonds.

With the Treasury needing this year to see another $1 trillion in debt to finance the anticipated federal budget deficit, and the Federal Reserve about to discontinue its 2009 program of buying Treasury bonds for the Fed’s asset portfolio, the Obama administration is scrambling to find ways to sell government debt without having to raise interest rates.