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This is a study conducted by HHS on its own program, Head Start. It proves that Head Start is a complete waste of time and money.

Bottom line: By the first grade, all benefits of Head Start are gone. In fact, the only major impact of the program is a negative one in math.

Yeah, Obama and the idiot Democrats want to keep throwing money down the black hole known as education in America.

The D.C. voucher program that he and the Democrats killed? That actually showed success.

Way to go morons.

Head Start’s Impact Evanescent — HHS Study
Posted by Andrew J. Coulson

HHS has finally released the second installment of its series of studies on the persistence of Head Start effects. Its finding (see page xiv): virtually all academic effects disappear by the end of 1st grade. There is only one positive statistically significant finding out of eleven academic outcomes measured, the size of that effect is minuscule by recognized standards (it’s half way between zero and what most social scientists consider “small”), and the confidence in the finding is low by recognized standards. (Many authors would categorize it as “insignificant” rather than “significant” — it’s only significant at a 90% confidence interval, not the more common 95% confidence interval).